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Politics and The Fruit of the Spirit — 5 Comments

  1. Preach it brother. I believe that the worst of persecutors are the so called Christians. The church is a hospital for hurting ppl but its become the opposit… A place of persecution

  2. (Sorry beloved, no place to comment Veronika)

    Thank you Lord Jesus for wonderful intercessors
    I was shown three living and wonderful and peaceful dwelling-places and dropped in one of them May 1st, then I was given parts of the holy word to study for a time. I am getting used to the task; I need to write down to remember the text. Yesterday afternoon I was resting in bed when I heard “We prayed for you too”! It was a voice of a courageous little boy. I looked and saw a little boy who looked like he was the bold one in his group to speak to an adult. I thanked, prayed for him and blessed him, then appeared a group of about twenty other children, they also said, “We prayed for you too”! :-D Then they sat down beside me and we had fellowship, now we saw a multitude of children coming toward us. These children were speaking English, the language of the U.S.A. and U.K. Be courageous and God bless you. Lucia Ludvigsen

  3. Thank you,Sir. We as children of God must ask for forgiveness, wait upon the Holy Spirit and pray earnestly and with positive expectations for our country and our leaders. God is always in control and only He knows each outcome of every situation.
    As Christians, we are expected to pray for all situations and do so in spirit and truth. However,we are human and become frustrated with the lack of belief within our gov’t. But, then,God is in control.
    Praise His Name !
    The answer is prayer.
    I thank you for all of your articles. You are indeed a plain spoken man of God.

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