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  1. I so love you and feel knitted together with you.  I know we are kindred spirits!  This Word is where I am today.  No longer a beggar, no longer a sponge for abuse apostolically, occupationally, matrimonially, etc.,
    I AM a child of the Most High God and He calls me friend, His beloved (His greatest desire is for me to BE-LOVED).  We like David are not just going to recover what the devil stole, we will recover all the spoil of the enemy’s camp!  Why?  Because we took a stand and prayed and declared and fasted and kept our hearts right in the midst of great trial and persecution and have been proved faithful, worthy and end time gatherers, Kingdom builders across the Nations of the World and He knows we will use everything He gives us for HIS Kingdom and HIS Glory and HIS Son to be known and HIS marvelous LOVE of that precious sacrifice to be displayed to the NATIONS! 
    Our gates are open continually that the wealth of the nations might come to us! 
    As the deposits hit my account and things are set in order, you will travel here and preach a revival that will change mindsets and truths that will set many free, break and dismantle religion and build the TRUE Church! 
    We will be blessed for our intercession, stand for the truth and the trials and persecutions, slander and malicious murderous tongues that have spoken over us! 
    HE will prepare a table in the midst of our enemies. 
    This Philistine you see today, you will see NO more!!!  Alleluia!

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