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  1. When Jesus preached about the Kingdom of God (which he often did), he would always show the people listening to him what the Kingdom looked like. The Bible says that Jesus would be filled with compassion, which I believe was the Holy Spirit rising up within him. Compassion is the key that unlocks the door to agape love. I believe agape love is the power of the Kingdom of God. When we see someone who is hurting and when we feel compassion for that person, when the tears come to our eyes, that is the Holy Spirit telling us to take action. Lay hands on that person, pray the prayer of faith, and that’s when the miracles will spring forth. It is all about love.

  2. For those of us, who have been in the wilderness for the last three or so years, being prepared for this, you have no idea the value of what you wrote. So many of us are feeling like we’ve reached the threshold of the testing. The temptations are through the roof, and we are crying out, begging Him to make His move. Thank you for this. He used you to breathe fresh hope into this weary soldier. Thank you thank you thank you. Blessings on your head and on your family and on your ministry.

    • God bless you, sister Sarah! I can certainly feel and relate to what you’ve written, in so many ways. God is so good sister, He really is. I’ve been in the heat of the war and battle, for quite some time, not realizing or understanding the process of which God was/is allowing me to go through. I can vividly remember that it began in 2014, where the gifts of discernment and other gifts of the Holy Spirit began to intensely stir, feeling as though I was alone, because no one I knew personally, who is a Christian, a God chaser and lover of Jesus Christ, never seemed to understand the wilderness in which I was experiencing. God bless you and thank you sincerely, for mentioning.

  3. I’m reminded of the 1961 vision given to Tommy Hicks. The giant (Church) lying in the dust finally breaking free from the chains which had him bound, rising up in worship, melting like dew-lights on the ground around the planet, reaching out their hands to release the power so Graciously given from on high by our Lord.
    The prophets from the past century unfortunately held the power to themselves. We’re merely vessels, washed clean by the most Beautiful Gift ever given to Creation. If we hold it to ourselves (or hide it in the sand) what we have will be taken.
    The remnant rising is undefilable. They’ve gone through the Fiery Furnace seven times hotter….WHEW!! They’ve reached the conclusion and reality of the less-than sacrificed, to become the Center-out Reflection of The Very Best-than Image of their Father, their Friend.
    The Kingdom of our God is now becoming the Kingdom of the Earth. :)
    God bless your beautiful heart Mr. Unruh.
    Thank you for sharing His Heart!!

  4. I love the intense teaching which I share…
    Want to remark, that for receiving even greater power the apostles had to go through the Baptism of Fire which brought about Deliverance! This made room for more of His power……..

    It is what christians of our time are missing……..!

  5. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Minister Ty! This is a powerful message and impacting scriptures from God’s Divine Word! It has certainly grabbed my full attention, opening up my spiritual and natural eyes to God’s Truth, in so many ways. The past 10 years, have a been a wilderness experience of fiery trials and tribulations, of demonic attacks, unlike anything that I’ve experienced in the past, up until now.

    Having to be honest, I did not consider or think about the scripture that emphasizes on Jesus Christ being in the wilderness, with Father God allowing His Son to be tested by Satan, before performing miracles, with healing the sick, opening up blind eyes, delivering the demonically possessed and oppressed, having miraculously performed so much more, but I indeed do remember his wilderness experience.

    God bless you and I thank God for allowing you to share this awesome message of truth, that hits home at the heart, well received. Love you Minister Ty, praying for you, your family, the Bride of Jesus Christ, the Church of Jesus Christ as a whole, the lost/unsaved, lukewarm and prodigals, may God’s Divine and Perfect Will be done in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!❤️️❤️

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