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  1. I thank you for sharing dear Gabrielle! I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ, opens up a broad avenue through him, in which many souls can be blessed by your words, poems and songs, with the true love that follows. I was briefly reading below, your site – “Imagine A Love Like That” – awesome, as I will visit to read more of what God has sincerely gifted and blessed you with.

    I’m looking for a complete turn around in my life, not because I’m worthy – because the God of All Living, through Jesus Christ who loves inside me, the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts as believers in Jesus Christ, filled/sealed with the Holy Spirit, gives us His worth, how views and sees us, not anything of our own.

    I bid you peace, love and blessings! As I continue embracing, learning true love – how to experience the unconditional Love, Jesus Christ has for us, so beautiful, words could never define or express, not in our earthly state.❤️

    • Dear Norman,
      So much truth and wisdom in your message! Continue to be open to His SPIRIT and leading, Ask the Holy Spirit every day to guide in the Father’s Ways and you will discover Him and what He has planned for you— one step at a time.
      Blessings to you dear brother,

  2. Praise God, in/through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Dear Gabrielle, God bless you and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, for using you at such a time as now, to reach those souls who may be hurting, healing inwardly or outwardly, spiritually, with a beautiful gift of poem/song, reaching the hearts in a way I’ve never anticipated or expected.

    I believe that all things are possible through/in God, through Jesus Christ, whom through we can do all things – who strengthens us, according to the Word of God, Philippians 4:13…… I’m open to God’s Divine and Supernatural Work, as I’m always in awe, because God is the God of surprises, working in ways that we don’t expect as his children. But when we exercise child like faith, trusting that He will perform the miraculous, beyond are imagination, in due season – I will always be surprised, as when He blesses, being the divine Author and Finisher of our faith as true believers in Him, he goes beyond our expectations, for He is the only “One” who can give life to something that was once was dead or dormant, giving life divinely to that gift, dream, healing, the Lord Jesus Christ, the giver of “eternal Life through/in Himself, amazing.

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