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  1. Praise you Abba, Yes this is your battle, you will figtterht for me, it is assurred promise to me. I will see Victory, after Victory, Victory, you will bring me better than before.  Glory, to you awesome daddy. I love, love, love, love adore you in all your glory, your majesty, I give you the highest praise, unto you Abba. I love you, I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
    Thank you Abba

  2. wow i needed this exactly at the right time..i started a new ministry in my country of iceland called New Beginning and it has been so many great things salvations peole getting healed and many being restored back to faith,its amazing to me when u step in especially ina small country who will attack u and try to stop you ..in my case its been bitter poeople with accusastions about past failure 16 years ago..and i preach restoration forgiveness and grace in his love ..he is the creator and he creates new when we repent and turn our ways from crooked paths its been christian leaders few sabotaging in secret to stop me t preach and build this so the battle has been very harsh but God is strong with me and i have good pastoral and leaders that back me its just one group of people and the ones that have wanted to work with me they have tried to talk them from it its the amazing when u have kingdom mentality how people try to putu in a box and try to control call and gifts that are in you from God its his not ours or anybodys its for the purpose of the peopele ..so thank u as i was home praying and looking for good encoyraging words i ran acroos urs be blessed mighty woman of God ..love ireland will come one day God willing xo

  3. Important correcture: Not I, but my son himself canceled the äcontract.
    I recognice that hidden evils change words and settings on your precious page ! They try to blame and twist sentences. They cut out a word or add something or set typos in. Not every mistake is a typo. Stay alarmed !

  4. Right comfort, right on time, dear sister ! Very right on time !
    By the way – 2 is my favourite number, 2 always was and is. 2222 often appeared in my life, and years later I knew – it stands for LIGHT. This words from the LORD are often were given to me from HIM in deep dispair.
    Sitting here at home – doctor gave me rest for a week – I also want to share with you a big victory, a big joyous event: My only son returned home !!!! I canceled his rent contract a few days ago and he loves to stay here at home, even before the official running out date in the end of the year. Until then he must pay rent on another place, 70 miles away. He is still 19 – he went away through terrible circumstances much too early. Now – every day I hear at least 1 time, that he loves me and he gives thanks for the meals and for the full refrigerator… this may seem too simple for some, but for him and me good food and being able to pay bills at the right time, gives us comfort, calms down our nervs. I don`t know the perfect words in English to express this. This week rest may bring others into rage, I felt this. The LORD told me this morning, He shadows me, He protects me from the wicked tongues – I shall not fear. So your article is a confirmation for me, to me. God bless you, dear sister Veronika ! You are also working hard and I am glad you have such an amazing contact to the LORD.

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