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Pray NOW to Control The 10:10 Gate! — 4 Comments

  1. WOW, what a marvelous blessing to be able to have such a blessing. Not to be taken for granted. These are serious times and although the kingdom of God is victorious, yet we as Sold-out Believers must have a heart of compassion for all. Time Now is to Discern what is valuable and pleasing to God. I am grateful indeed for your ministry Apostle Esther Hadassah.

  2. We boldly decree that by the reason of The Blood of Jesus Christ, the thief is forbidden from coming near me, my family, my nation and instead I will experience life in fullness/in abundance.

  3. I Decree that for the rest of this year, I and my family will experience his fullness at a personal and national level and every diabolical plan of the enemy against me and mine and my nation will fail miserably!!

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