A Prayer for the Nations


LORD, I extol You this morning.  I lift You up above all else.  I renounce the devil, his works, his reports.

I announce that You are my LORD, my Captain, my strength, my shield, my hiding place!

LORD, this morning I pray You cut and clear the way of the adversary.  Go before me, my friends, my family, and every person here.  Make the crooked places straight.

Break into pieces the gates of brass.  Cut into sunder, the bars of iron.  Loose the bands of the wicked.

Intercept their lines of communication and distribution belts.  Disappoint their devices so their hands cannot perform their enterprise.

Give us clear advantages today Abba Yah.  Grant us divine, supernatural favour…

We commit ourselves to You and You alone.  Have Your way, in Yeshua’s mighty, unmatched Name.  AMEN!

I Declare, the sun shall not smite us by day neither the moon by night, for it is written, “He that keepeth Israel neither slumber nor sleep.”

The LORD is our Keeper and shade.  El Gibbor, Mighty warrior who fights all our battles, I ask that you rebuke every pestilence crawling by night and reverse the demonic darts and arrows shot toward us by day.

We hide ourselves in You for you are our refuge and fortress and we trust in You.  Lift up a standard against the enemy who seeks to sow tares while we sleep.  Dismantle their plots, plans and schemes.

Visit the high places that witches and warlocks have profaned, for You made the high places for your glory.

Gird thy glittering sword upon your thigh and ride prosperous throughout the earth Abba.  O You that makes the cloud Your chariot, darkness is Your dwelling.

A fire goes before you and burn up your enemies, even the hills they melt like wax at Your presence.  Be magnified on this day….

Arise O LORD and let enemies of our souls and nations be scattered.

I lift up Yugoslavia and Czech Republic.

I lift up Europe, North and South America, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia.

Father cover your people everywhere in the continents and nations therein. Release warring angels over regions and territories even coasts to war and prevail over marine spirits

LORD I pray for revival in Canada!  Thy Will Be done, Thy Kingdom come on earth.  We Bless and Praise You Yaweh, heal the sick, comfort the broken, restore homes and families, rebuke the devourer and destroy the waster.

Bless Your Holy Name, halleluYah, halleluYah, halleluYah!


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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