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Prayer for the Release of Finances — 6 Comments

  1. This is my first time to hear about “wicked elders”. So I tried to learn more about it by googling. What was interesting is that the spirit of “wicked elders” is related to my situation. So I could discern my case better and start praying more specifically. In my case, they are somewhat broad, which means they can be from churches and other religions. After I prayed for breaking the evil spirits, one of my students got a trance vision about my situation. In the spiritual realm, the spirits of “wicked elders started to take an action to make an evil plan toward me and my ministry. In fact, they represented influencial elders of local churches. 9 years ago, when God showed me their first move, I didn’t figure it out at all. Now I understand it. I believe God will help me get over all the obstacles and finally make a breakthrough. Thank you for your spiritual knowledge from the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord.

  2. Well received. Thank you Syreeta.
    We need all the pronouncements we can get.
    Thank you for standing in the gap.
    Pastor Grady Cross

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