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Prayers that Destroy Oppression — 6 Comments

  1. i pray to God, to give me wisdom and his Blessings, so that have a break through in the spiritual life and bodily desires. I pray to have a sounding financial capacity to take up well my responsibilities for my children,my parents and the community. I pray to God to elevate my company to another level where God’s Name can be praised. I pray to the Almighty to cure whoever is suffering with Covid 19, HIV, Cancer etc and those that are suffering in different ways. God our Father Grant us peace . I pray Amen!

  2. Please Pray for God to open my womb I’m 42 & Barren. Also pray for my Husband Danny Glenn Smith Sr. for Peace, Protection, & Finances. As well as my good friend Sue Boren who has a cancer that can only be cured through a miracle along with my BIL Nick Donathon he has cancer also. God is so Faithful believing for Miracles. Thank u & God Bless

    • Amen! Father God I pray for your daughter Christy! Father you said in your word that there would be No barren in you house! Father she is yours and belongs in your house this Christy IS NOT barren in the name of Jesus!! I decree and declare that her womb is open and she conceives her babies now in the might name of Jesus! Thank you because your word is being made flesh and will manifest in each and every aspect of her life in this year in the Name of Jesus! Father may your shalom peace be still in her home and the heart of her husband in Jesus’s Name! Father Protect their marriage and cover them in your blood in Jesus’s name! I send your word to heal Sue and Bil! I decree and declare that by your stripes they’re Healed in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen

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