Prayers that Destroy Oppression — 4 Comments

  1. i pray to God, to give me wisdom and his Blessings, so that have a break through in the spiritual life and bodily desires. I pray to have a sounding financial capacity to take up well my responsibilities for my children,my parents and the community. I pray to God to elevate my company to another level where God’s Name can be praised. I pray to the Almighty to cure whoever is suffering with Covid 19, HIV, Cancer etc and those that are suffering in different ways. God our Father Grant us peace . I pray Amen!

  2. Please Pray for God to open my womb I’m 42 & Barren. Also pray for my Husband Danny Glenn Smith Sr. for Peace, Protection, & Finances. As well as my good friend Sue Boren who has a cancer that can only be cured through a miracle along with my BIL Nick Donathon he has cancer also. God is so Faithful believing for Miracles. Thank u & God Bless

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