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Praying Again for Families — 3 Comments

  1. Perhaps there are others feeling the same.

    May He allow us to see the qualities God desires for husbands to have, and help women to see thru scripture, speaking gently thru different scripture that leaps to the eye —in showing how Biblical men showed themselves approved by our Heavenly Father —to their wife.

    And may He grant grace to women for all those He places upon their hearts to pray for while single. 

    And for those who would want to, may He encourage your heart to be merry in using the talents He has given you.  What would you like your future husband to look back on your single time and hear about?  Hopefully in developing your talents further in helping others He places on your heart?
    Is that helping an elderly neighbor?  or volunteering cooking at food kitchen?  May He prompt you if it is to develop talents or strengths you thot unimportant, but He sees in a different light?

  2. Barbara please pray for me. I feel like im in complete sabotage under witchcraft for my supposed husband and im ready to give up. I haven’t given to lust or dating but im miserable waiting. Im no longer speaking with him but if he asked me to go be with him in his state, i will go. Im in prayer and fasting as well.

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