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  1. A question has been asked a couple times on here on your posts that asked if you were saying that those who have taken the vaccine are condemned to hell, as due to the vaccine changing their DNA, that they would not be fully human. I have not seen a response to this question. There are a lot of Christians who have taken that vaccine. NOT ME! God gave me an immune system for a reason.

    • Hi Sharon,

      I did reply to Staci in the post “Your Answer speaks Volumes” back in October,
      I am reposting my reply to Staci. 

      Hi Staci,

      The words that I give you are the Lords’, they are His words not mine.  King Yeshua has stated many times through many prophets the dangers of the vaccines. Please go to 444 Prophecy news site as they have many words on this from many other prophets.

      They, the vaccines, are designed to alter your Human DNA, thereby making you a hybrid, not fully human.  The Lord has told me many times that He did not die on the cross for anyone who is not fully human.  It is like the giants of old who came from the fallen ones who had children by human women.  MY heart is heavy over this as well, as I have family members who have taken the vaccine.  I will give you some video links to medical evidence that is out there now regarding the nano bot technology – the Hydra Vulgaris that is in the vaccines. This is confirmation of what the Lord has been saying for months.You need to go directly to the Lord on this subject.  It is a very personal area for all of us.

      I Recommend that you look at the first link.  Dr. Carrie Madej is a Christian and she is now also a speaker in this area of the vaccines.



      Blessings to you and yours


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