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  1. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear beautiful sister Syreeta! I pray that you are doing well in the Lord Jesus Christ! I believe this Word and message from the Lord Jesus, trusting his timing for all of his faithful beloved, those who carry a repentant heart, who enjoy walking with God, during the heat and cool of the day/night, concerned about his desires, his divine will.

    I do believe our houses have to be prepared, ready and in order – to receive what God has for many in this season. I’ve learned for myself personally, that it takes spiritual maturity to be able to handle those promises and blessings from God, the same with Anointing of God – the Lord wants to know He can trust us with his divine virtue/power, that we will use his precious gift for divine purposes, not abusing or messing over those delicate gifts in which he bestows upon us.

    I humbly and kindly thank God, for allowing you to share this in obedience, for edification of the Kingdom of God and to inform the true saints of God, for us to spiritual prepare within heart, maintaining a humble heart and spirit. I extend love to you sister Syreeta, peace, the joy of the Lord in the power of the Holy Ghost.❤️

  2. Thank you sister Syreeta for this beautiful word from the Lord Jesus.  I really needed this word of encourament and therefore I receive this.  Blessings to you and family!!!

  3. Thank you sister Syreeta for this beautiful word from the Lord.  I really needed this word and therefore I receive this.  Many blessings to you and family!!!

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