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Preparing for Revival! — 4 Comments

  1. My brother Chris, what a wonderful word for preparing for Revival!! It really resonated strong to my spirit and I do believe this article.
    Would all Gods children read and renew hope in their hearts!
    Also the man named Tim who brought out the persecution side of it.
    Also true… The balance of it all won’t tip the scales! Smile here.. As we come in true unity of the spirit we see we can rise up to the challenge.
    Persecution and Holy Fire do go together but what GLORY TIMES AHEAD!! Let Christ be glorified in all things. Thank you much sir. Joyce D

  2. There’s always a deflate, distract, destroy, dark, demonic sway the enemy uses to quench the move and fire of GOD’s Spirit – Stay focus in the Word – in Faith! Pray church!

  3. Prepare for persecution as well. I had a dream a few years back. In the dream I was in a church but the lights were off; I was telling everyone persecution was coming but no one wanted to hear it. The lights being turned off show that the Church is almost entirely in the dark about this coming reality. Strange, as it seems to be an obvious biblical precedent; i.e. revival comes (like in the book of Acts), then persecution breaks out because the world doesn’t want it and the Enemy mounts his attack. Although thankfully the Lord is sovereign over it, and uses it for the good of the Church and for a greater testimony to the world (his people are spread everywhere to proclaim and share the Good News). Persecution should be no.1 on the list of what to prepare for. We will need great grace, great trust in the Lord, and great perseverance and endurance to the end. The Lord will be refining His Church, testing us, using us mightily, and He will be with us through the fire.

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