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Prodigals — Come Home While You Still Can! — 3 Comments

  1. This prophetic word is both an invitation & warning from our loving & merciful Father who wouldn’t want any of us to perish. Mama,I think the Holy Spirit spoke through you again as many of us still don’t believe there is no much time left as the signs of end time have already started & with more red flags ahead. I pray we will all be wise by His Grace to take this message seriously as we honor the Lord & return to Him before it’s too late. Thanks for sharing Mama.

    • Yes, Adams I believe you are spot on.The Lord surely is giving both an invitation and a warning. Love does warn! I believe the key word you spoke here is ‘return.’ God bless you and your family.

      • Thank you Mama for your kind response & constant prayers for me & my family over here. The Lord will always remember you & all that concerns you in Jesus name. More anointing!

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