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  1. Syreeta, Having been a single mom who raised two (no longer young men..smile) but two long serving leaders in ministry and business, I just wanted to jump in and give a word of deep gratitude to the best FATHER! What you said, I can shout from the rooftops “Have I not spoken and declared that the seed of the righteous shall be delivered? You are My righteous seed and by Covenant, I will fulfill My obligations. Only now, walk CIRCUMSPECTLY as I AM sending My Angel and He bares My Name, not only to bring you resources that you need — but to protect you, to guide you along this journey!” When we were hungry, Food was delivered to our door. When we needed rescued, He sent help. When they wanted to go to ORU, they were given scholarships and money came from unknown sources..to GOD BE the GLORY! And then, when they were released to serve Him, I was released to answer the call to the nationsand the first year, He sent me to 5 countries with NO MONEY! GBU Sandi Holman

    Your children shall indeed be mighty in the land, for you I have chosen.

    • What a wonderful God God bless you for your testimony woman of God. This is encouraging that Jehovah is glorified. Hallelujah

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