Prophecy of Coming Kenyan Elections

Prophecy of Kenya: Kenya Manages and Goes Through the Elections, Despite Tension


It is wonderful moment precious saints.

May I share what God has allowed me today, July 30, 2017.  Thank you, precious people.

This Prophecy is concerning the elections, the Kenya elections due to happen on August 8, 2017.

I have lived to see that day and the days that follow, as Kenya has its elections.  I have been take there already.

Now, the LORD put me in a dream and I am brought to the city.  I see that the LORD brings me to Nairobi.  Well, in the dreams, he makes me to walk at that time, and the scenes happen, all at once.

I see a junction in one of the roads that passes into the city.  I walk in the street.  Not many people are there.  A partially deserted street.

But, now I see massive security personnel; very huge security is mounted.  I also see at one end of one major road, a very strong battalion and their equipment.

Let me describe.  I see green buses, raised vehicles that are green in colour.  They looked like buses, but they are green with windows sealed and surrounded with wire mesh.  I see them parked in formation.  The most serious and daring security arrangement I ever seen.

In the dream, I am walking this way and I am made to turn and look, and that is when I saw the vehicles behind me.  But they are parked, and not in movement.

I see that it is very big security action.  In another scene now as I walk, I meet, still on the street, I meet so many of the security personnel.

They are dressed in green, an attire I’ve never seen before, but I see green.  They are also heavily armed and totally unbeatable.

At one point I thought they could be foreign, as in this a presentation I’ve never seen before.

Anyway, yes, they are going to be very strong in that duration.

I saw them and it is as if they have stayed in the streets for some time and they will stay for longer.

I also see that it is very peaceful to walk here.  The LORD literally made me to walk, and I did not run.  I was among them and I did not run.  I also see that things have become new at that time.

Now I walk and reach a place on some end.  This is when I see an Inspector of Police.  I came to know later he was the Inspector General of the Kenyan Police.

There is a crowd that is being contained and forbidden, not to pour into the city.

Let me repeat, I see a great show of mounted forces, green buses, yes, they looked like buses, then those on foot.  I also noted that they would be there much longer.

So it means there will be antagonistic crowd, a little bit tense and anxious.  But they are beautifully contained and it become so peaceful, but they are made to wait, because there is a stand-off.

The LORD made me to pass right in front and I saw high ranking persons in the Police dealing with the situation at the junction.  The people are contained.

There is also another place within this one.  The LORD brings me to a place in the street, but now at the next junction.  The people are moving and it is peaceful.

Then, the LORD brings me a woman.  I see a woman, somebody who is at the edge gives her money.  She is in front of me as we walk, but some person standing on the edge distracts and singles out the woman, to give her money.

Now, she really appreciate the money and takes it.  She bends low, then now I see it creates a scene.  At that time I realizes there is need.  Other people stop and probably also want to be given.  I felt it too, the need.

So you see there is great economic need ahead, and challenges ahead of needs arising from their current lack.  This happens at the election.  Yes, about election preparedness when the very basic life is tense and affected.

But also after the Election in the long term, the situation we are experiencing now and escalations of it.  It would be worsen.

Now in that very moment, I see where I have passed.  Their are celebrations that break fourth in Nairobi.

Right behind me I see a new Kenya.  I see beautiful picture of redemption and peace.

It comes in a sudden manner.

Very sudden and stunning to behold.

And so I was meditating about this goodness and on the other hand, I have been challenged to keep on my knees.

The LORD has promised deliverance.

Yet, as you see, there are challenging moments ahead, days that carry anxiety, dark, even after Elections.

At the moment as you see in real life, we have famine eating the land and food scarcity,  We also have areas caught within acts of insecurity.

The Elections do not deal with these things.

The Elections are not the end.  It’s our God who is able to bring economic deliverance.

As you vote, think about God.  We need God.

It is God who can heal the land when we genuinely choose to seek His face.

So as Christians, we need to pray for the future of Kenya….

It is the spiritual future that this counsel is about.  The future of the Church and Nation in prophetic order.

It shall be a gracious moment to behold when God passes with us through that dark day into a new day.  And that is the goodness of the LORD.

God bless Kenya.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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