Prophesy Over Yourself — 20 Comments

  1. As a servant of The Most High in name of Lord Jesus Christ I request your kind help through prayers to God Almighty that God brings upon me and my house more of His mercies and grace.

    • Sis i read were depression is linked to hearing lost, but when we’re not hearing God the spirits behind, hearing his voice needs to be cast out, bound and replaced with his will, purpose and direction.  Heavenly Father we thank you for the blood of your Son cleaning us up to his righteousness and your mighty angels for the heirs of salvation surrounding all those who call out for your healing power to open our ears, eyes, and heart to the mighty power of your word.  I bind all spirit assignment against those who believe and ask for your mercy and grace in our time of need.  praise upon praise and thankfulness in our hearts and minds
      love sheila

    • Thank you for sharing Our Lord Jesus Christs love and words. They have spoken to me deeply. God bless your ♥ hearts and souls. In Jesus Christs name and power. Pray for me too, kind regards Nellie

  2. Praise The Lord… Pray for me so I am filled with Holyspirit and serve Lord Almighty. I want to serve God. AMEN

  3. Powerful women of God thank you for your word over my life. Tomorrow is my birthday and you have given me the best gift I could ever ask for THE WORD OVER MY LIFE MAY BLESS YOU AND CONTINUE TO USE YOU. AMEN

  4. Thank you this is indeed a timely word from God. And I receive and claim it for my live in Jesus Name. Amen