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Prophesy Unknown — but Renowned and Powerful! — 9 Comments

  1. This word is for me. One day i cried so deeply to the LORD. He told me “.. I AM COMING. I’M NO LONGER SITTING. I’VE LEFT WHERE I AM I AM COMING. HOLD ON” Thank you prophet for sharing. God bless you.

  2. Thank you.  What a wonderful confirmation, yes.  May the Lord bless you richly for sharing this word with others, so they may be blessed as you were.
    Personally, I have been dealing with a sociopathic/malignant narcissist “husband”, the loss of my farm and approximately half a million dollars, best friend and boss getting melanoma and having to go through rigorous cancer treatments that have caused me to become his caregiver, family betrayals after the unexpected death of my dear father that totally blindsided me, extreme poverty due mostly to the narcissist’s selfish and impulsive spending, resulting in very poor living conditions (polluted cistern water in the house, failed septic, house in need of major repairs including upgraded electric and a heating system), and, well… you get the idea.
    Been through the purification fire, still trying to stand strong, and have faith.  Most days I do, since through it all God has shown Himself more than faithful.  Every once in a while I could use a little encouragement…and here it is!  Thank you so much!
    *not using my real name.  ;)

  3. Yes, written to me personally too. Have been through so much but still standing by God’s grace and his upholding and comfort in the secret place. I know I still have to go through a fire but with Jesus by my side….everything is possible.
    Thank you dear sister, your messages are always in season
    Bless you

  4. Every single word in this prophesy is as though it was written exactly for me. Every single part is what I have been and am still walking through. Wow! Glory to God! Thank you for this encouragement!!! I receive it and I am holding it in my heart! Allison

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