Prophesying out of One’s Own Understanding

Prophesying Out of One’s Understanding of the Word and Interpretation…..  Part 1

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This is a teaching that I have had on the back burner for some time brewing.  This involves how we prophesy out of what we have been taught, but also, out of our study and understanding of the word of God.

Many if not most, of the prophetic words that one sees these days, includes words from scripture and also, a person’s belief or viewpoint, on various subject matter.  This includes such considerations as the tribulation period, how the church is saved out of it, or is taken out before it occurs.

I have my own viewpoints and beliefs about this most certainly, but one can’t help but notice that there are various viewpoints even on this subject that are seen, even in words of prophecy.  It makes me wonder.

Let me say right off the bat that a true word of prophecy will not violate the word of God; most of us would heartily agree with that.  We however, have different interpretations regarding exactly how the events of the last days will play out, and there are certainly many sound teachings available to us on this subject.

I also believe that some prophetic people prophesy out of a particular “camp” of thinking.  This would also include perhaps a particular church or group that they are still involved in, or have been in the past.  Again, this may well not be necessarily a bad thing, unless those teachings are contrary to sound doctrine.

Of course it’s true that God’s Spirit is not confined to one’s church, one’s doctrine, or a certain interpretation. His word is pure and untouched by man.

We know from scripture that one’s faith has a lot to do with the level of prophecy that comes forth:

“Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith”   Romans 12:6.

But I’m also saying that one’s ‘word level’ (logos) influences this as well.  Of course there are other factors as well that go into understanding prophecy.  Does your church or pastor focus on the needs of the poor and evangelizing?  So, from studying about these things, hearing them preached about, then one’s spirit is open to the cry of God in these things.  Does your church focus upon marriages and the need for the restoration of them?

Through praying about these things, hearing this taught about again, you may be focused upon them in such a way, that God uses you to prophesy about them.

These aren’t hard-and-fast rules.  These are just things that I have noticed over the years, being in various churches and groups.  Many are called out of the churches; they have been in the wilderness for years, being alone with God.  This group prophesies out of a deep well of pure Spirit from their encounters with God.  But they may well have hurts and unforgiveness in their hearts from the past.  A harshness or a rebellious spirit may well come forth out of what they prophesy.

God uses many different types of individuals.  His supreme nature is seen through the facets of all these different individuals speaking forth the word of God.  But each of them has a history; each of them has a personality and a thrust that makes them unique.  And their uniqueness doesn’t come from just how they were created to be, but what they have been through in this life.

We should strive to empty ourselves as a pure vessel, that sits before God, ready to listen to Him in those times of stillness.  Don’t come before Him with your preconceived ideas, but simply let Him speak to you.  Then when He has spoken, don’t add to it from what you believe to be true, simply take what He has said and leave it at that.

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~ Stephen Hanson

Prophet Stephen HansonStephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries came to the LORD is a special way in 1975 and has prophesied regularly since.  In these end-time birthing pangs we are reminded that judgment must first begin with the household of God.  Will we be prepared and ready?

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