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Prophetic Dream of Overcoming Hindrance to True Revival — 8 Comments

  1. We are reading Rick Joyner’s book “The Final Quest.” It really helps to see how the demons shoot their darts and if they land, the person immediately starts to manifest the characteristics of that demon. Unity of the Brethren is a place where the arrows could not reach. Pride was one of the last demons to overcome and the mantle of humility needed to be in place to overcome pride and clearly see the enemy. Interesting parallels to your vision.
    The Eagles showed up and they are the true prophets God has kept in hiding for such a time as this but only those with humility could accept and benefit from the authority given the Eagles. Only those who accepted the prophets could benefit from their help and receive a prophet’s reward.
    Anyway, some good points in line with this word. The church will be surprised at the signs and wonders coming! Hallelujah!

  2. I think it’s your solution to many problems. Your dream reminded me of Sybil, that famous multiple personality case (not evil), her Dr just accepted & LOVED them all, then integrated the personalities.  And also of special ed teacher & author, Torey Hayden, who just LOVED her students (who probably needed deliverance initially), & provided therapy.
    Your 3 rooms- distracting body, symptomatic soul, & their created spirit, or idol, Samantha in the closet. The church will need help to get over their religious pride, because it put the homosexuals (many were molested) into the closet of shame decades ago (along w drinkers, smokers etc). Well, 3-4 generations later, we now have confused brainwashed, possibly also molested, trans… who are living in a crazy world, that does not know the true Light. These walking psychiatric patients (not the lobbists) just want to be accepted, what they need is God’s love to deal with their created personalities or spirits. Society is reaping what it has sowed and neglected, so discernment & agape love is the answer for everyone & their coping mechanisms.
    This is a little out there, but at 90, you have seen lots!

  3. Cool dream…..
    I’m one of a team of Intercessors & we have partnered with Papa, on His terms. Not ours or anything else that sets itself up against the knowledge of Him.

    A broken & contrite heart, He will not turn away…..
    We are spending alot of time repenting as His Bride in our Church & knowing Papa is attracted to the above scripture, is where we stand.
    Religious Pride is domineeringly blinding & that is one I will share with the team.
    As for the love you experienced in that room, could it be Papa was more pleased with you?
    For going where no-one else would go, for fear of the dark, the unknown & the scary.

    Thank you for sharing, it resonates in me with excitement.

  4. Hi Ron, Happy Birthday!!

    I’ll start with my interpretation as you have presented this to us.

    The cube was “in” darkness NOT “of” darkness and “God’s love was His sincere pure and holy love.” I see this as a human spirit and not demonic.  I believe it represents the Bride of Christ.
    She said, “Please do not make me go away.” “I am here for the people. They need me. I am really trying to help the people!”

    The cube could have manifested as “stone” (1 Peter 2:5) by shape as it was floating.  By you getting her name of Pride and Religion it was not demonic in nature but earthy, helping the body, not realizing it was hindering the body from becoming one in spirit with God.  By dissolving, it released His bride and when you went back into the room the two groups were visibly brightened. The “stone” had been removed. It did not need to be “cast out”.

    The group in discussions were at peace because of the dissolution and letting go of a “religious” construct of what revival is or is not and the sickly group were released to hear for themselves what the Spirit of the Living God would say to them. Not dependent on the other group to tell them what revival is.  He will show them the manifestation of His presence in cohabitation with His people. This is a NOW word!

    Thank you!!

  5. Brother Ron…it seems to me that the two rooms in an L shape speak of Love. They are a family of God estranged from each other…by pride. Both groups have something for each other but are not or cannot receive from each other because of religious pride. I hear Paul saying to the Thessalonians “Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the Love of God and into the patience of Christ.” ….
    Could it be that the sickly ones were “hope deferred makes the heart sick”?…and also it seems to me that they are those who have no one to help them into the pool of Bethesda…but someone else beats them to it..speaking of the competition in the church and ambition to have Revival–THE revival! Revival becomes just another tool to make a name for oneself or “my church”…
    But the two rooms were L(ove) shaped….speaking of Phil 2-“complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit,but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus

  6. What an interesting post! I think I might have a connecting part to your dream, or perhaps you’re the interpretation for my visual.
    I was at a church and we were worshiping the Lord with a Teen Challenge Ministry. The Lord showed me something on my face next to my mouth. It was a cylinder shape metal piece about 1 to 2 inches tall and an inch in diameter, hollow in the middle and metallic bluish black. This vision was in the natural and only for a second. I’ve questioned the Lord about it but never got a response thus thinking it might not have had any serious significance.
    After reading about your dream, I think now the interpretation is that of a dark spirit. I say this because the vision wasn’t a normal Jesus vision. This vision didn’t want to be discussed or exposed for what it is.
    The Bible says in John, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, the Light shined in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.
    Evil spirits in the “natural” are more difficult to expose. The Light in us exposes them.
    Now on this particular worship day, I met a spiritual brother who also had the gift of discerning spirits. Thus, I think the Light we carried together on that day shined brighter than when discerners are apart. I would’ve never have seen what was “in the natural.”
    My conclusion…
    It’s time for(more) true repentance.
    Thanks for the interpretation.

  7. Such an interesting dream. The Lord’s way are so much ‘higher and deeper’ than ours, are they not? 
    Even in dreams, He can overlay ‘precept upon precept’. The Lord’s mercies are far greater than ours on every level.

    In your dream, you were allowed to feel the ‘compassion’ the Lord had for ‘Samantha’ – who was ‘hidden’. In Samantha “religion and pride” were lodged. Since civilization began, all people groups have had “Samantha’s”. No matter what religion, the form of godliness and order was seen, but what Samantha (which is a ‘type & shadow’ of what true covenant intimate relationship is) yearns for and needs – is to come out of the closet of hiding- being seen.

    Your dream seems to be what Father God is yearning for – for the ‘church-world’ to take off the mask, come out of the closet of religion, let go of pride & receive the freedom and love of acceptance. Done without condemnation, as is the nature of Jesus. I believe Holy Spirit downloaded Heaven’s yearning desire- His ‘desire for the nations’. This is the Son’s time to take a bride. The devil in hiding is being set-back (religion & pride) are found out. God’s re-set for Heaven’s wedding.  Proverbs 6:31

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