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  1. How do we know for sure that dreams posted that dont appear to happen 100 percent like interpretation has all happened yet.Maybe happen in parts so may be more to come .Gods people who receive propercys should still trust God .People so quick to try and find a propercy wrong .If God behind it will happen sooner or later in parts ot whole.Prayer may have lessened it because of repentance and Gods mercy.Gods spokes person needs to know percussion mat come after much praying to God for change but God only showed mercy because of repenting if some .Bible says repenting brings change in things God says will happen if dont stop.

  2. Unless war processes rapture,balls of fire not described in rapture but may be showing raprure could happen thru attacks cause bible says will be as sodom and grmore in later days

  3. Have had several endtime dreams but none like these.Would like to know if these are very current to 2021.Dreams have had point to nukeular attacks were to get safe water people digging wells,not drilling to get safe water.White women sold to survive.Dream showed rescue for some but not all .Such things could lead to house or cave churches or hidden churches .Dream showed houses gone mostly and no grass or trees in places.Could mean tent churches or hidden if bad enough.

  4. I have been asking the Lord for a place to live in Denver.  Also I have asked for a business office which could also be used as a place to start a church, on Sundays. I think your dream was the Lords answer to me.

    I am currently running for Colorado Governor.  However, the Lord has shown me that I will be US President for eight years.  The Lord has confirmed these things to me many times. I believe your dream is just another confirmation to me.

    You should realize that the Lord gives us all dreams and prophecies, but usually so he can minister to someone other than the one having the dream or hearing the word.

    We are not in the end times, and don’t need to hide from persecution.  I don’t see where you got that.

  5. The word “condo” is interesting, because it is short for “condominium”, which means joint-dominion and, in the context of the Church, a joint reigning with Christ, as in 2 Timothy 2:12: “If we endure, We shall also reign with Him. If we deny Him, He also will deny us.”
    The underground nature of the Church will enable her to endure, and so to reign with Christ.

  6. Thank you for sharing your dream and prophetic word. Judy, my wife, and I have found the flow of the Holy Spirit primarily occurs in home groups of God’s people.

  7. On 29th Feb 2020, in the night dream, I saw I was entering our church (it was daytime) and as I entered I understood there was a silence in the Church as the congregation was sitting outside field and inside building. The Church was getting prepared for an attack to come but does not know how and when it will come. As I entered the Church from the back side I heard a voice saying “Prepare for mass killing”. I had a partly understanding about house church. So this event/series of event, may lead to house churches.
    Afterwards, I saw myself in a place under roof/shade and in front of me there was open field. It was night time in the dream. Suddenly, I saw many pillars of fire were moving towards up the sky and I understood, it was rapture and people were being taken up. So I called someone who was beside me, lets go to the field so we can be raptured. But as I entered the field I understood already the rapture had taken place and immediately after the event, I saw many fireballs were falling from sky to the ground. Also I saw an evil army, not fully human but humanoids, with arms and was looking for a women to kill.

    God bless.

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