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  1. I’ll be the first to say it. Boy oh boy did you see rightly. Look at what happened in 2020 Summer/fall. Oregon saw the worst fires it had ever seen in its history. Its almost as if we lost 1/3rd of our forests in 2020. It was terrible, so terrible. Evidence shows that MOST of the fires that happened last year were deliberately lit, as you saw correctly.

    Now, I and a handful or others from my research (but only a handful) seem to be privy to the fact that Oregon is HUGE part of prophecy coming soon. The sisters volcanoes are likely to erupt. I believe Jesus will arrive at this time. That is my opinion after being forewarned in my visions many times.

  2. Due to the fact that Oregon Laws allow abortion up to the moment of birth and new laws expanding assisted suicide that include starving and dehydrating the elderly and the mentally ill, I am of the belief this State is definitely facing God’s remedial judgment. I pray for the righteous to stand up for the vulnerable and the innocent blood of babies. Persevere and endure and make sure you examine your hearts to be Right with GOD. The LORD is near. “Watch therefore at all times and pray that you be worthy to escape all that is about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21:36

  3. It was probably about 12 years ago or so that I posted a Volcanic Warning for Bend, Oregon, now called “Volcanic Eruption For Oregon Warning” especially for the South Sister Volcano, for a coming day when judgment would begin to fall. 
    It was also recently reposted at Jeff’s whistleblower site in the last year or so. 
    Today I saw a short 3 minute video at Youtube called “End Of The World Started In Oregon, North California Next, 3 Sisters Super Volcano Erupted” that showed this same volcano heating up now! 
    My warning went out to all of the churches I could contact by mail in the South Sister City to Bend area, warning of the day when South Sister would begin to smoke & shake. 
    In my very clear & vivid dream I saw & heard that some of the people in the area & on the mountain had stayed behind to ‘pay wages’ on the mountain, & procrastinated leaving, though many warnings were sent out, spiritually & physically. 
    Then suddenly, the mountain shook with great intensity, & about halfway up the side it exploded like an atomic bomb & a huge chunk of the mountain blew out streaking through the air for unseen miles around. 
    The warning was intended for those who would not heed the evacuation alerts to get off the mountain, (a tourist area) for I saw before me a deserted town void of vehicle traffic. 
    So the local people were warned to get out, & it appeared most did, yet some refused.  As I watched in the aftermath of the explosion, I saw a huge gaping cavern left in the side of the mountain & hot molten lava began pouring out & flowing like a flood in all directions directly above the town. 
    The post above by Elizabeth reminds me of the need to remind others to watch for signs of these volcanoes heating up, for many times we will see ‘hot spots’ surface all around a resurgent volcanic area. 
    In the case of this South Sister volcano however, it means it is time to be prepared to leave on short notice.  There is an awesome report of GOOD NEWS that goes with my warning to the greater Northwest, as one of Bobby Conner’s Words was quoted as part of my post for deeper explanation, where he too was given to see the hot boiling lake water inside of a volcanic cone. 
    See his post called “It’s Coming Down The Track And Around The Bend”. 
    Bobby says, “I was then told that the coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon would announce the beginning of one of the greatest healing revivals in history.
    This healing revival will start around Hamilton, Ontario, and then blaze across Canada to Vancouver.
    From there it will turn down the Northwest Coast of the U.S. and cross the Pacific to the Far East.” So we know now that when we see these fires & smoke coming, so is the great healing revival also on the heals of all of this, along with the former & latter day holy Spirit rains. 
    My warning Word of 12 years ago used to be online under it’s title, but isn’t easy to find now. 
    If anyone who would like to read it would send me an email request, I’ll return a copy to you: rickwatkins @yahoo.com
    As they say, ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’.  rick

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