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  1. Part #2

    As brother David mentioned, we will always offend, especially when bringing forth the True Word of God or performing what he has instructed us to do, because demonic oppression and confliction upon those who have a religious spirit, are resisting the complete truth of God, those who speak the raw truth, disrupts the demonic agenda that has been setup behind tradition, those things that are familiar, that gains the popular vote of the flesh, not the Spirit.

    We are all tried by the Holy Fire in/through the Holy Spirit, as believers in Jesus Christ, but we are given free will to accept or reject, how God allows our flesh to be crucified, either embracing the stripping of the those things that are contrary to God’s Word or with rebellion, rejecting His complete Word.

    God bless you, dear sister Sherry Edwards Mackey! I bid you peace, love and blessings!
    I understand the spiritual warfare, for my late mother was a prayer warrior, which I learned that there are invisible forces working in the higher realms, targeting true fire walkers in Jesus Christ, those who bring the complete truth of God’s Word, not the perfect, but those who desire to please Jesus Christ, striving, enduring in the race, abiding in Jesus Christ. Demonic spirits don’t attack believers, unless they are disrupting the kingdom of satan.

    I love you sister, keep allowing God to use you divinely, supernaturally, for the Glory of God.❤️

  2. Part #1

    Praise God, in Jesus Christ! Amen! God bless you, dear sister Sherry, praying that you are doing well in the Lord Jesus, truly respecting, admiring your beautiful heart and spirit, making yourself vulnerable by exposing the truth of God, as every believer should be following those same steps of Jesus Christ.

    I’m learning to share what God has instructed me to give to all those willing to hear, opposed to tickling the ears with false lies or trying to gain popularity of some sort. Preaching,teaching or prophesying the truth in this era – is not the popular or does it always get the popular by men and women, but is received by God, getting his vote, to where He is pleased, which is what we look for at the end.

    I don’t desire to be shamed before Jesus Christ our Divine Savior, Lord, Master and Judge, to think I’ve performed anything for Christ or beared any fruit, thinking it was all me, bring self-sufficient, that I was good or perfect, just to stand before Jesus Christ, to truly be exposed at heart.

  3. You are a ‘gem’ woman of God. Yes there are ‘imps’ wheat w/tare, witch w/worship – not going no where – at least for the moment. What i hear you saying, is that in the ‘calling’ to teach, preach, prophesy, exhort, rebuke, correct, instruct, the servant’s heart that you have, desires the reader to know that the mission of your posts, is that Christ be received, known and enthroned – without guilt or guile – now and forever.

  4. Sister if you truly speak for God I guarantee some will be confused and many will be offended. I can also say no true prophet would ever ask to be forgive for speaking what God has given them. Many prophets of old were burned sawed in two and many other deaths and spit on because they would not recant or take back the words they spoke given by God. We are not to be as the world asking forgiveness for the words of life because somebody may be offended. Thank God he didn’t take back his word when they nailed it to a cross because they were offended. His word in now in us and I tell all many will be offended as he reveals himself through us. The whole world lies in the lap of the god to this world who was and is a liar from the beginning offended is his middle name. The Bible says love barley notices an offense and neither should we so speak the truth in love and do not apologize for it.

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