Prophetic Fulfilment in Israel

Prophetic Fulfilment in Israel is a Prophetic Word from Wendy Alec of GOD TV dated 12 November 2012

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I sensed the Lord saying: It is time to stop. It is time for a complete turnaround of my people. It is time to pray.
And as my people, as my church, rises up across the nation and the nations of this world to pray –

Pray fervently for President Obama; pray fervently for the government; pray fervently for the White House
That we will see in the land of the living –
That we will see a change in the direction of the White House –
That we will see a change – a transformation even of policies –

And it will be My Hand that has wrought this change says the Lord

For my hand has been restrained, says the Lord – My Hand has been restrained because of the disobedience of my people –
For there have been many prayers that have risen up to my throne but there has been prayerlessness for this government
For I tell you, beloved son, beloved daughter that as you arise in prayer for this government – as you arise in prayer for this President – for this husband; for this father of children, for this President of the nation of America –
That my hand shall once again be loosed to move upon the White House – upon the government – upon the President – in power – in glory and in might
And as you lift up your voice in the day and as you lift up your voice in the night hour before my throne and pray for wisdom for this man –
I tell you that even in an instant – I shall release wisdom –
Even in an instant I shall release revelation –
Even in an instant – his eyes shall be opened to things in the natural and things in the spirit realm that he has been previously blinded to –
And I shall pour out My Spirit upon the White House –

And I shall pour out My Spirit upon Congress

And I shall pour out My Spirit upon the President, and I shall pour out My Spirit upon this government – and shall pour out My Spirit upon this Congress, and there shall begin to come a softening – and the great divides shall start to dissolve –
And one by one, there shall come a working together across the aisles – across the differences – across the issues – and My Spirit shall move at first in individuals – in one man – then in one woman –
Then another, and another, and there shall be within the walls of Congress a spirit of reconciliation – a spirit of working together – and the walls of division shall start to fall – for there has been a stalemate in the spirit says the Lord – but no more

For there shall begin a healing of rifts says the Lord

A healing of rifts
A healing of rifts between the Republicans and the Democrats
A healing of rifts that shall extend even from the Congress to Israel
For there shall even be a healing of rifts between President Barack Obama and President Benjamin Netanyahu

And the spirit of Jezebel shall be rooted out of the White House –

It shall be rooted out of the Congress
For I shall tear down and root out –
And even certain men and certain women shall be removed from their positions They shall be removed –
And there shall even be removals from a high place – a place of great authority And in their place I shall position those chosen and appointed by my own hand There will be Cyrus’ whose hands I shall use
And there will be Marys who hear my voice and who seek my face –
But Lord how can that be?
It shall be – says the Lord of Hosts – for child I am neither Republican nor Democrat – I am God, says the Lord of Hosts.
Is a man’s heart not in my hands?
Have I not said that that I move the heart of kings?
So I wait for you beloved son –
I wait for you my beloved daughter –
Come rend your garments – come dry your tears and bring your supplications for this President -for this government before my throne –
And it shall be – that even in a moment –
Even in a day –
You shall start to see things shift and change –
People removed – people replaced –
And I shall pour out wisdom in the night hour upon Barack Obama –
And he shall hear a voice saying this is the way – walk ye in it
And it shall be my voice says the Lord
And I shall put a hook in his nose to Israel
And I shall water the stony heart and I shall wash his eyes with my salve -the salve of my Holy Spirit
And I will break the bonds of intimidation from this President
For is it not that same spirit of Jezebel that has surely paralyzed his hands in this past term
That has kept his eyes from seeing
That has stopped his ears from hearing
But no more says the Lord of hosts no more shall it be
For I shall raise him as a champion of the poor in this next term
And yes – he shall raise his voice as a champion for the poor and the weak and the helpless
And this is not of himself but it shall be of me
And he shall champion the poor
He shall champion education
He shall champion the common man
And I shall bring to him men and women after my own heart who shall speak to him of things that hold great weight with me
And he shall think deeply on these things
And he shall ponder them in his heart
And there shall be many issues that he shall quietly address that may go unnoticed by the public
But they will not be unnoticed by me
And I will place a steel rod at his back
And he shall start to stand firm – and I shall grant him wisdom concerning economic issues
And yes there will be naysayers
And yes there will be opponents
But as my people – but as my church bring him faithfully before me
I will grant him wisdom to deal with the Middle East
I will grant him wisdom to deal with Israel
And I will send my prophets
My prophets will speak a word to him in season concerning my people Israel
And I will grant him wisdom concerning Israel – wisdom concerning Jerusalem, wisdom concerning Iran
Wisdom concerning Afghanistan
Wisdom regarding China
And a new mantle shall rest upon him in this term
A new mantle
A mantle of wisdom; a mantle of power; a mantle of strength
For it will be a new day
And many, many across America will say – is this the same man? How can it be?
And I tell you – it shall be because I am God



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