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Prophetic Message: Wormwood & the Rapture — 4 Comments

  1. I had a dream about a month ago, I don’t know what to do with it, so I’m sharing it here in hopes that it will be received by all. Please know that while I am a Christian I have never had prophetic dreams before now. In my dream a pentagram rolled into the darkness, a part of the pentagram broke away and formed the A symbol that is used by Antifa and for anarchy. As it broke away the word anti-Christ was written beside it and I knew in my dream that it was summoning the spirit of anti-Christ to earth. Then I was in the sky far away, looking at a planet or star that represented the spirit of anti christ and rapture… it fell from its spot toward earth and I saw 8 years written under the star, and the number 72 flashed twice on either side. I wasn’t scared, but I was definitely shaken when I woke up. He is coming and soon… I don’t know who to tell about this and just wanted to tell anyone who would listen.

    • Well Tom Horn prophesied that Astroid Apophis will hit in 2029. Nasa said there is a 1 in 150k chance of getting hit by it…people buy lottery tickets with less of a chance then that!!

  2. We DON’T know the day nor the HOUR when the rapture shall take.its position. ONLY GOD has that peculiar set unexpected moment. Since the start of COVID 19 it has changed lives forever. Through HIS WORD & the prophets …GOD is seeking for true repentance. Fewer came, alot still refused. GOD won’t force HIS will until repentance hits heart & soul home humans. This pandemic & its DEATH crisis…will not cease. He tells us daily to stay close to HIM, PRAY daily, read our WORD daily, witness to the lost and yes, we need to prepared. The world is under stupidity, ignorance, hate & blindness daily under self inflicted plotted ATTACKS. AND, “DROWN” in its own DARK hopeless pit.

  3. People are extremely stupid and ignorant as can possibly be !!!!!
    The evil spirits in control of this planet are running around doing whatever they possibly can to bring chaos everywhere !!!!!
    Whatever CAN be shaken …..is being shaken NOW !!!!!
    Prepare yourselves …..

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