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Prophetic Vision for God’s Prophets — 16 Comments

  1. I believe the reason the prophet-warriors can hold up their shields without hands, is because their Shield is the Lord, and covers them, specifically in this vision, in front of or before them. The Shield is indeed a shield not made of hands and goes before them.

  2. I do believe in Prophecy. I grew up in an Assembly of God Church. I have been an Assembly of God Pastor.  I have ministered in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I had asked Hod one morning that I help people to know him the way I know him.  That evening I was visiting a church in Fruita, CO.  There was a Tongues and Interpretation in which the Lord said, “You are standing in a new place.  Yes, I want people to know me the way you know me.”

    I many times have have a message I “hear” in my heart from the Lord, while in a church service.  Then a person begins Speaking in Tongues s word from the Lord.  I know I already have the interpretation. So, I speak it out.  Sometimes, I have a message, in church, and there is no one to speak in tongues.  I then speak the message in English.

    I’m just saying, do all things correctly, and know that it is God speaking to you.  He will do it the same always. You will know him by long association. Ask him to teach you.

    Then there will be no mistakes, and you will stand in clear conscience before God.

    The way the “Prophetic” is in todays Church grates on my spirit.

  3. The interlocking of the arms represents the connection we all have togethor, and the spreading of our prophetic messages between each other. Strengthen the bonds you have with those you know, and make new where you can. We are a chain of prophets, in defensive formation awaiting the arrival of the last. We shall talk as Jesus did, sometimes not even knowing we just sent a message. Keep your friends close, on your left and on your right.

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