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  1. Hi Veronica, here’s some interesting commentary from Michael Heaver, a former UK Member of the European Parliament.
    It is a brief video about the political plans for a UK/EU pact. Michael Heaver refers to the publications reporting on this matter.

  2. Do not worry about British involvement with the bad guys: they are all in it. They have put on a show for you.

    You can find all the relevant information on GOV.UK: Matt Hancock’s Speech in Davos
    The Fourth Industrial revolution
    Human Augmentation-The Dawn of the New Paradigm
    Agenda 2030: Delivering the Global Goals
    Financing the Agenda 2030 through Covid-19 and beyond

    https://uncutnews.ch/was-sie-ueber-die-transhumanistische-agenda-wissen-muessen/( The text is \in German, the inserted videos English

    WEF has thrown Putin out: https://www.politico.com/news/2022/03/08/davos-putin-russian-oligarchs-00015344

  3. Disgusted at the sight of the Canadian PM in talks with BJ and meeting the Queen. How many MP’s spoke out against what was happening there? It was not just truckers who were protesting, but others such as fishermen.
    Fishermen were excluded from fighting in the war, as they were part of necessary food supplies, convoys and defences. There were sea defences all around the WHOLE coast of the UK – not just England.  This went on for the whole war, not just Dunkirk. Many boats were sunk, so loved ones and businesses gone.
    Family boats were requisitioned as mine-sweepers in the previous war. One was sunk by the Germans, although they allowed the men to get off first.  Many in the fishing community voted for Brexit, but they were not given what they were promised. The MP did not read the deal properly, as she had to attend a ‘nativity’.  This was an affront to godly fishermen who risked their lives and livelihoods to defend this nation. They were/are God fearing people. Can’t catch fish by zoom.

  4. Surrendering the independence of our own armed forces to join a European Army would be worse than being in the EU, because we would still be effectively in the EU but without the possibility of leaving, which depends on having the potential use of independent armed forces as an ultimate resort. In other words, I believe the intention of this army is to stop nations from leaving.

    However, this is not our only problem.  Being a nation free of the EU would have no meaning, if plans for the globalists’ technocratic control of the whole world population are allowed to come into effect.  The EU is dangerous also because it is working towards this end.

  5. I’m in the UK, and all of this morning (6th) I have had such a sense of foreboding and I haven’t been able to shake it.  I just wanted to weep – quite literally. 

    Then I came to this site and read this prophecy and I knew why I had felt such heaviness.

    I have been interceding, pleading with the Lord and declaring to the Heavenlies that Boris Johnson will NOT sign such a contract with the EU. 

    After some time of interceding, I suddenly (and unexpectedly) saw an angel holding a scroll in his hand (which I believe to be the contract for the EU army) and it had been set fire to and was being destroyed.

    I am continuing to stand and declare this ‘image of the angel destroying the contract for the EU army in Boris’ hands’, to the Father, as His promise given tonight in response to
    intercession for the UK.

    Please pray, declare and stand on this also.  Thank you.

    • Amen. I stand in agreement that this contract be dismantled and destroyed. Lord have mercy on our land. Save us Lord. No more ungodly alliances with the EU. Our God is The Lord.

    • Amen!  I stand with you in prayer that this document be destroyed and for Great Britain to be totally free of any demonic shackles of the EU, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  6. I don’t disagree,Churchill was also not dissimilar. He had no choice in the end. Many were going down the eugenics route just not as far as the Nazis. most of the views of the master race were from a Russian mystic – Helena blavatsky.
    I have been praying IF he should be in power he remains so. If not then the right person step forward.This has gone against my instincts. I have given it to the
    Lord I have commented in other places that God used Pharaoh as part of His plan for Israel. The Bible says He hardened Pharaoh’s heart.God can use people as part of His plans even if their heart is hardened.
    As regards God’s glory, if He does allow it to fall soon, it will separate sheep from goats. Those who have hardened hearts will be known. Those who have not will receive it. The power and glory of God is not something we can comprehend.
    People who think the Lord’s plans have somehow been changed by Satan regarding Trump are misled. God will have His way. The devil can only do as much as he is allowed. No more. If Trump is re-elected it will be God’s timing. First, people need to be in true repentance. Trump can save no one. There is only one who can. His name is above all names and at His name every knee will bow. We must put Jesus above all else.
    The message I have is not just one person. But many saying God is sovereign.
    This should make all His sheep trust in him. No matter what – He is in control.


    • Hi Suzie, thanks for your reply, I’m in full agreement with you! Yes, God does use whomever He pleases to carry out His will & ‘get the job done.’ Johnson is a very deceptive person to many, ‘bumbling’ his way into peoples hearts is what got him elected, but it’s all an act, he is very much like his father, calculated & cold. His father is a strong proponent of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ – a death cult disguised under the lie of ‘global warming.’

      In regards to Trump, yes, many hold to him as a ‘saviour’ when he is more of a conduit, but he does a have a big heart, and yes he is still pivotal in God’s plans going forward, nothing can stop that.

      Have a blessed week, David x

      • David bless you!
        I agree with all but one point ie re XR it is not a death cult! I know people in Wales who are members of Extinction Rebellion. I don’t like their title at all and often wish they’d change some of their methods, but they are sincere re the environment and undoubtedly the Earth is warming and scientists are warning.
        Please tell me why you believe that X-RAY is such a cult. Sincerely Eva.

        • David sorry I meant XR. Not X-ray!
          The extreme stance at times of XR, has got the U.K. Gov attention and interviews on TV and led to changes, I have to admit. Eva

  7. Hi Veronica
    As I read this I kept being reminded about the prophetic word you shared a few years back around the matter of Brexit. It was about a deal being signed, a scoreboard and the letters falling off the board. I think the outcome of the word was about an attempt to sign a deal? I haven’t managed to find it yet, but could there be any connection?. Thank you for continuing to share revelation with us,

  8. Having escaped from the clutches of the EU, are we now again to be drawn back into it’s slavery? I think not! For I remember the marvelous things that God has done and particularly his deliverance at the Red Sea. Oh, the children of Israel feared when seeing Pharaoh’s ARMY approaching to bring them back into servitude and all they could see was the barrier of that Red Sea. Legal RED tape can be a barrier, BUT if we see that Red Sea as a sea of Red Ink and remember that Jesus’ words are printed in RED INK, then let HIS WORD be OPENED unto us and hear HIS WORD, ” STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!” May we hear His Word of instruction to move forward into our Kingdom Destiny knowing that there is no going back. We are His people built on the foundation of the House of David.

  9. This confirms what I have felt regarding 3 things
    1 is personal regarding soundness of mind.i can’t explain further
    2 is that I have already noted and understood the EU will now wish to have an EU army. This is why Gerany have put millions into a pot already. They will I believe, push for this and many other states who feel threatened by Russia will agree.
    3 I have prayed recently regarding the Prime Minister. He was the leader of Brexit and therefore less likely to agree any such move by the EU. Also, he has a lifelong obsession with Churchill. He will know the mistakes and wins all too well. Churchill was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but during WW2 was what was required. He is also very single minded. All which I was praying about very recently. I pray if he is the right man for this time, he will stay in power – despite reasons for him to perhaps leave.

    • Hi Suzie

      Sadly Boris Johnson is a globalist, go read ‘Life Without Birth’ (1971) a book written by his father Stanley Johnson, in where it proposes depopulation by various means. Boris Johnson wasn’t even born in the UK ,but New York, his ‘bumbling’ and ‘love for Churchill’ is all an act, he is a globalist.

      ‘Vaccine’ mandates and passports have been withdrawn in the UK, and now in other nations simply because they have reached ‘their’ target, to ‘vax’ 70%+ of the population, the ‘vaccines’ have many varying degrees of ‘intentions’ – but the main intention is to sterilise a generation. Sterilisation is the easiest and ‘cleanest’ form of depopulation, it’s been planned for many many years.

      All the current global leaders were put into place for ‘such a time as this’ – that’s why they had to remove Trump. I don’t want to fill you with fear, so please don’t ‘absorb’ this message, ‘cast it out’ – but Boris is not to be trusted, his wife in particular is a ‘bad apple.’

      …satan has brought forward his agenda because God’s Glory is about to fall upon the earth, and he obviously doesn’t want that, but seasons are set by God, not satan, so his plans will fail this time. This is not the ‘end’ – but the ‘birthing’ of the Kingdom Age.

      Stay Strong, Positive, GOOD THINGS ARE COMING, God Bless, David xxx

      • I think the vaccine mandates for vaccine passports are also a route towards the digital identification of the whole population, where our every move and every purchase will be monitored either for approval or for disapproval. Thus, I don’t think they will stop at 70%, but will try to reach 100% after beating a temporary retreat or through another route.  It is of some encouragement that they appear not to fulfilled their full plan so far, but we will need to remain vigilant as we watch and pray.

        • Absolutely Mark, that’s ‘their’ plan! They have already patented a ‘crypto system’ that tracks body activity, with ‘rewards’ and ‘punishments’ through a ‘social credit’ scheme., & should you not ‘comply’ – then your money would simply be ‘turned off’ – as all money would become ‘cashless.’

          We already see the seeds of this in Canada, where truckers bank accounts were frozen, BUT it will not succeed! There will be a new system of payment, but it will be God’s system, not man’s, it will be a ‘quantum’ system, many will be afraid of it, thinking it’s the ‘beast system’ – but we are not in that season, God is going to have His way, nothing can stop it.

          God Bless x

  10. Father I stand in the gap for Your Land of Great Britain today and open the Door and invite You in. Reign and Rule this Land as Angel of the Lord, from the lowest earthly regions to above the Heavens we embrace the Power of the Cross as the Ultimate Standard raised up for Great Britain against the enemy of the devil and demonic kingdom, the world, the flesh, and every curse that You already completely stripped, conquered, and defeated for this Great Nation.
    Father I pray a covering over and around this Land in the form of the Blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God.
    I give the plans of the antichrist spirit of thief against Great Britain to You today Father, and exchange them through the Cross for the plans You have instead Father, plans for Good and not for destruction, but to prosper and give hope and Life in abundance to the Land of Great Britain.
    With sincere gratitude Father, thank You.
    In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen

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