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Prophetic Warnings: Are You Targeted? — 5 Comments

  1. That is right The Lord keeps His part of the covenant “with” you, therefore IF there is anyone in that covenant who will not continue in it, then surely it will not be the Lord.

    • Even more interesting that the Lord is the One pointed it out.
      Specifically because the same “sources” made “op.paperclip” possible, which evil tentacles now has inprisoned the entire world.

      Wonderful it is when the Lord with only a few words reveals a lot more, because the verse in that song also says “I’m coming now,I’m coming to reward them…”

      That reward is the same reward as for Haman in the Book of Esther.

  2. I’ve shared this before at HKP.
    About1-1.5 years ago I heard the Lord sing “first we’ll take Manhattan then we take Berlin”.
    At that time it was not clear to me who had taken over (globally) and I did not know that money from Manhattan did support Berlin during ww2.
    As time since then has proceeded forward the Lord has continue to reveal not only the devil’s (extrordinary clever) schemes but his final destination as well.

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