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Prophetic Word for 2022 — The Revealing of the Sons of God (Part 2) — 5 Comments

  1. God’s main purpose for His “Two Witnesses” is to restore Biblical Truth. The Church today is teaching Salvation through JESUS, but is lacking in teaching and understanding of so many of His Truths.

    Before the Church can become victorious, She must function in truth. Salvation alone is not enough to be victorious. The “Two Witnesses” will lead the way.

    It is very likely that the Lord will release these 2 individuals later this year during the Fall Feasts.

  2. God bless you Prophetess Elaine,
    I was preparing a word for God’s people to deliver on Sunday.  I knew was God said to me about 2022, but I found myself struggling with pulling this word together.  I began to question the struggle.  Then the Holy Spirit told me to goggle “What is God saying in 22.  He led me to your page!  As soon as I started to read, everything God told me, you mentioned in your prophecy.  To God be the glory! He always confirms His Word Continue to hear God and bless His people!

  3. Praise God! I truly believe this message and Word! God bless you, Sister Elaine! The Lord is on a Divine and Mighty Move, within the Bride of Jesus Christ, raising her up in His Strength, Might and Power, in, through the Holy Spirit. I don’t normally follow too many prophets, ministers, pastors, due to the days being so evil and so many false prophets speaking false doctrine, but I see you are one out of a hand select, in which I believe Jesus Christ has Chosen to bring forth his True Word, infallible Word.

    God has me at special place in Jesus Christ, as I’ve been a prophecy, prophet chaser, who h God has pulled me from chasing prophets and to begin chasing Jesus Christ with my whole heart, mind, soul and body, in Spirit and Truth. I don’t despise prophecy, just careful with whom I listen to, because there are manny in this hour tearing into the hearts of God’s people with false prophecy, false doctrine, due to many not fully chasing God, not testing the spirits by the Spirit, I was one.

    God bless you, Sister! May the Lord continue to use you for His Glory, entrusting you with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to gain more territory and ground in Him. Peace and blessings!️❤️

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