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Prophetic Word for America’s 2022 Midterm Elections & Donald Trump — 14 Comments

  1. The Lord spoke to me after the presidential election and Trump lost.  I was disheartened and perplexed about all the prophecies that turned out so very wrong.  I said to the Lord, basically, “What in the world is going on with all these prophecies that turned out false.”  He said to me and I quote, “I sent a spirit of confusion and delusion because my people are looking to prophets and not to me.”  Anyone can call themselves a prophet.  The Lord also said, “There is no office of prophet today.”  Please, people, don’t put your faith in man who can claim anything.  Look only to the Word.  The Word is the only true thing.  We live in very deceptive times and the only inerrant, true thing is God’s Word.

  2. Isaiah 9:7 – “Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this!” LET GOD ARISE, ALL HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED!!!☝

  3. I see a different interpretation to this prophecy.  There will be a new Gold political party that is just arising.  The Gold Nominated Candidate will become President in 2024.  He will gain public office in 2022, then the Presidency in 2024.

  4. Unless the issue of major electoral fraud is first cleared up, the winner both in 2022 and 2024 will be the person favoured by the dominion voting machines.

    • THE real fraud is that yours (as well as most governments in the world) are replaced by “digital” twins.
      This is why it was so important to assure that Biden loudly pointed out that visible fraud, while the real fraud took (or rather already hade taken) place behind the scene.

      This replacement of the real people is the reason that the “mouth covering” came on the scene in this specific time, because you cannot see if the lip movememts and the words fits.

      This AI replacement is the answer to the extremely well (and strange) organized and syncronisation of all present events which without the digitalization had been impossible.

      When I suggested on fb that the “visible” fraud was planned for the reason to make a big show and cover the real fraud,it took about five minutes and then I was cast out from fb. The enemys wrath when exposed is most often THE best confirmation.

      • Even in World War, at least one person, the British General Montgomery, was given a double.  They found a look-alike, who then learned his mannerisms But think by how much technology has advanced in the last 75 years, as well as the way governments now work by deceiving the people they claim to represent!  I too have noticed that “Joe Biden” does look much like his former self.  Christians need to aware of the extent of deception – some of it now coming through technology.

        • Yes, we know that during “that time” a specific “doctor M” made experiments with “twins” which motives must have been the secret replacement of the real person/ presidents/ kings etc and by that make the perfect overtake (the worlds greatest fraud).

          We can read both in Daniel as well as in Rev.13 about this clever power that in THE END time are able to make “a copy or a picture” of the beast (human) which is given “spirit” and can talk. This is the same time when you will not be allowed to “buy and sell”, the Greek word is “agora” which also refers to gather and travel”.

          If you diligently study well known world leaders you will see that the “copies” has been at work a long time.
          How can you “find” and “learn” someone to be a lookalike? I would say that is a deception for the reason to hide the technology.

          • I will add to my comment about the “copy” that I have a confirmation from the Lord, a single word with which He confirmed that what I had discovered was correct.

            I avoid sharing things which is not confirmed from the Most High and which not has a long “chain” of revelations behind it as its foundation,otherwise it is easy to spread all kind of things which at worst will help the enemy instead of the opposite.

            “Because we are aware of Satan’s schemes”.

            • Personal “revelation” is so much rubbish.  Be ashamed to take on powers you do not and cannot have.

            • Mr. marochi,

              From your comment, it is obvious to me that God has never spoken to you.

      • I wholly agree and believe in the sovereignty of God, but my thought is that to the extent that the Lord chooses to work through an electoral process, He chooses to work through people – indeed, as He usually does, and that people have a responsibility for clearing up the corruption in their own system.  My thought parallels what Mark Taylor is now saying.

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