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Prophetic Word for the Year 2018 — 24 Comments

  1. Amen! I believe this is a WORD for me because this CONFIRMS many things revealed to me by Holy Spirit! As I stand in the way of a very heavey trial today, I am believing ELOHIM.. My Abba for a MIRACULOUS DELIVERANCE AND PROMOTION THIS DAY!!! JUST as Joseph was taken from the pit to the Palace, I am believing for a MIGHTY RIGHT NOW MOVE ON MY BEHALF ACCORDING TO MAL.3:10-12, LUKE 6:38 & LUKE 1:37, Ps.112,118 & 102:1&2, Ephesians 1:16-23 & 3:20 TODAY!! IT’S BEEN DAYS, for somethings…months for others & years for others….FATHER GOD, SHOW FORTH YOUR GLORY NOW TODAY!! HOW CAN I COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENTS like this Father God? I am listening to and for YOU!! AMEN! I AM YOUR DAUGHTER, SERVANT & A READY ONE!!! YOU HAVE MADE ME READY, THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME READY for ANYTHING AND EQUAL TO EVERYTHING! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

  2. Yes and Amen what a great encouragement just wanted to encourage you God has been giving me exactly the same message to encourage the body of Christ.thank you so much its nice to have confirmation.Blessings sister

  3. A Word of Confirmation for me, my family, and our Church. I activate and declare manifestation with signs following, in Jesus Name. Amen.  God bless!

  4. Wow this word is prophetic indeed…. my pastor has been proclaiming the same blessings on his congregation… its like you guys meet and agree to proclaim the same word…. just amazing. I believe and i receive MY year of the harvest in Jesus’ name.

  5. Hallelujah! Reading this excites me big time as this is exactly what the Lord has shared with me just now when I sought His face for 2018.

  6. So shall be.. confirmation of what is bubbling in my Spirit man..
    thank you for being a voice in our prophetic & apostolic generation.
    May the good Lord reveal more.
    bless you.

  7. As the LORD has spoken, let it be So in my life for His glory, blessed be the LORD almighty, the world shall know that there is but One God who made the Earth and the Heavens, His Name is above all names, and none compares to Him, None is like our God, LORD thank you for your love, we open our hearts to your calling, use us

  8. I have waited on the Lords promises to me for 15 years now !
    I’m 40 and since childhood been through nothing but persecution dissapointment and rejection from I loved.
    This word has given me expectation for the manifestation to spring forth in every area of my life.

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