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Prophetic Word to Nigeria: APC 2023 — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you brother for this prophetic word regarding my country Nigeria. I pray the will of God be done in my country. Shalom everyone.

  2. I have no connection to Nigeria or Africa, but I add my voice to those brothers and sisters pleading for righteousness to prevail in Nigeria.  The Glory of God must cover the WHOLE Earth.  The body of Christ must pray it into being together in unity.  Every dark corner must be lit by His beautiful light.

    • Sorry to disappoint you but there is never going to be righteous reign in the country called Nigeria. I am wondering where all the prophets were when the country rulers were busy turning the country into an islamic state. As a matter of fact by the next elections the country nigeria will be an Islamic country. The newly selected president is a moslem and also the deputy.
      The prophets and the pastors just carry on and tell their congregations to pray for nigeria even when hundreds of churches have been destroyed, burnt and the congregations murdered. Those same people who survived are driven out from their villages and are in camps as internal displaced people where there is no war. Many Christians are not taking the pastors or religious leaders seriously anymore. It is poverty that fuels the church in nigeria because people are looking for miracles.
      Nigeria should be divided and let those who want to leave be allowed to do so. Nigeria is a world emergency.
      God never created nigeria but the British woman and her boyfriend, a man called lord Lugard. The country nigeria is a British trading company and the 100 years contract expired in 2014. Instead of the british government to leave the country in peace, they handed it over to Islamic stooges. The only hope now is disintegration.

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