Prophetic Word & Video for 2018 — 3 Comments

  1. Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Awesome Powerful Words, Spoken this day.
    In Awe and Wonder of you my Awesome Wonderful, Father, I love and adore for thou are so amazing, so Good, Good, Good, thank you for seeing me through, for saving the Best for such a time as this, for the last Shall be first. Thank you for keeping me on the right path, Father my God, my Daddy.
    I love you. I honor you. I Praise thy name on high, Worthy, are thou to be Praised. Hallelujah!
    I’m coming up Higher, Higher, for thy Glory, is Risen upon me, Goodness and Mercy, follows me wherever I go.

  2. I receive every word that has been written in the Name of Jesus. Thank you man of God for these awesome and reviving words. God bless you. AMEN