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Prophetic Words Are Not Magic Beans! — 11 Comments

  1. These words have given such clarity to the timing or seasons of God!
    Referencing God as a Farmer when He plants a seed is so on target!
    Bless you Veronica

  2. Great insight and wisdom,I always pray your revelations in my fellowship with the Lord.That they may be enforced protected and fulfilled.SHALOM

  3. This is such a wonderful word full of insights & wisdom. Prophetic voices often say “time is short” thus adding a human perspective 2 whatever God told them 2 release, but there’s no shortage of time in His warehouse – He can release more time in2 your situation while advancing the Kinddom of God on the same occasion. Joshua needed more time 2 slaughter his enemies and God freely entrusted him with that.[Joshua 10:12]

  4. I am still waiting for Jesus to return. That promise was almost 2000 years ago. Yet, I do not doubt for a moment that he will. The time is set. I must wait on the Father’s perfect timing.

    • …perhaps a bit of a “prophetic rebuke”, by which prophetic voices of God, are well able to receive, as yes and amen. If there’s passion to add – Indeed, the “ground” is vital. Jesus told us about the “ground” in Mark 4: This is the only parable Jesus clearly defines, that is not as mystery to be yet revealed. We see the 4 types of soil/ground which is a metaphor of our heart, in Mark 4: that the seed falls on. While we cannot control the “ground”, we can and might carefully consider how we sow the seed. Seed is planted for purpose. To produce/ a product/ a productive Church Body designed, not entirely for church goers, but Church Growers. God’s continued favor and anointing in be increased in and through His prophetic voice/s. Amen.

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