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Prophets, Come Up Higher! — 3 Comments

  1. You have penned it so succinctly.

    Seems the Lord’s been drawing me away from reading, penning too many (good) but not urgently necessary words from everyone, everywhere, in the prophetic stratosphere.

    Sometimes – too many words don’t have the same weight of a time-directed word-in-season.

    I thought it was just me who was thinking these things, but your post shows otherwise.

    Even a well-intentioned and well-meaning ‘prophetic-words-overkill’, on the platforms these days, muddies the brilliance of THE necessary Word for the hour.

    NOT that it’s bad – or untrue – but sometimes – one gets “stuffed” by too much – like one-too-many food buffets. One good “meaty” prophetic word in season is far more nutritious and needful than stuffing our eyes & bellies with every word-morsel online. For that reason – the Lord has me on a “Word” Daniel Fast! HIS Word.

    This last month, it’s been wonderful -media is reduced to minutes, not hours, but oh, hearing His Direct Words is delicious. He confirms.

    In the Spirit, keeping it simple is more profound, powerful than excessive, even in the prophetic. I am His Student these days, in the Yeshiva of Rabbi Yeshua – His Word, His Holy Spirit. I am loving this. My endtimes Grad School

    Your post is 100% of what God has/is doing with my life now. Thank you Sir. Many blessings

  2. God bless you, beloved brother Geoff Pick! I can imagine of have been given a Word or message from God to share to the masses, that may not sound popular – but the heart of obedience is always best. I take the gifts of God, of the Holy Spirit – genuinely serious, because they are divine, from the Divine Source of God, the Divine Creator of All Living, the Self-Existent One.

    Love you brother, God bless you!❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thank you Geoff Pick for this very powerful warning, exhortation and divine direction. I receive it at this very crucial moment in time. Blessings, Sandi Holman

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