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Prophets: Prepare to Suddenly Shift to Places of Influence! — 2 Comments

  1. Such a Rhema word to me today, I feel it in every fibre of my being.  Just before reading it this morning 22.10.19 I was contemplating whether to make a journey to a function in an Embassy this evening, and being further away, as I am not at home, I had just decided to not attend and continue with being at Mom’s, but this seem to be even a Word, regarding this situation and that I might just need to make that journey, though suddenly because I had forgotten the date.  The words of this prophecy, even though speaks to me on a greater scale, has caused me to rethink this situation.  I have long wanted to enter this Embassy.  God continue to richly bless you and speak to you as you assist Him in passing His messages on,

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