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  1. this prophecy seems to ignore the many prophecies that have been given to the Nation, it true that God will hold back his Judgment for as long as possible,but her prophecy seems to fly in the face of reality though.God would not send True prophet who have wrong motives,those are not true prophets. Jonah’s Motive was correct he just overlooked the Lord’s Compassion. America cannot repent to the degree that it will prevent God’s Judgment. God has his Limit and the Limit is already overstretched. The same sex marriage WAS THE FINAL STRAW. No Turning back now. and Zechariah warns that God will Punish the Nations who will Divide Jerusalem. his grace will be in the Midst of that Judgment,not in not bringing Judgment at all..all we can do now is ask god to lessen the Judgment that is sure to Come because it has been spoken already.  in Judgment,Pray that God show Mercy..that scriptural. a whole Nations will not repent and we are too far into the last days for a full Turning to God to occur. the Moral majority is gone,it been replaced by the Immoral Majority..should the US Turn it back on Israel at the UN Over the Palestinian Vote,God will Judge America no matter what any compassionate prophet will speak..you cannot speak life to a nation that has crossed the red line..the gay marriage thing is the final Straw,the Timing of His Judgment can be delayed only,not cancelled out completely . same as Nineveh,Jonah’s Prophecy was fulfilled a generation later. I think America is there right now..

  2. Thank God for HE raises many prophets in this nation!!!  Without your bold prophetic warnings, cities would be destroyed, people would perish like many other places in the world and throughout the history. Don’t be silent, Prophets of the Lord! Be bold and keep Prophesying and keep sending out the warnings whenever God requests. For through your warnings, people repent and God saves.  There are some people used by Devil would try to label you as false, but mature Christians know you are TRUE prophets and the Lord GOD you serve will defend you mightily!!!

  3. I heard Kim Clement say same thing but Word of God says curse not deserved will not alite Proverbs 26:2

    Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, So a curse without cause does not alight.

  4. Praise Jesus!  God’s Word is truth, not just true but TRUTH!  This is a season of God’s discipline in the Body of Christ (BOC) and He is telling the BOC to examine yourselves as the BOC is cleaned first.  Real parents will NOT allow their child(ren) to continue to do wrong, disrespect them or walk in disobedience without disciplining them.  Well, God, Father, the Real Parent has His moment to discipline His creations whether in the BOC or the world. Besides, He has spoken destruction in the book of Revelations… bold prophets are doing just what God wants them too and I am sure that they have the love of God for the people and obedience to God to open their mouths and cry loud!  More prophets need to seek “boldness” and do the same — CRY LOUD regardless of the people’s faces, status, position, financial wealth, who’s who, etc.  REPENT, REPENT, REPENT in Jesus Name.

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