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Pulling Down, Tearing Down — Veils of Secrecy, Cobwebs of Witchcraft — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for these bullet points.  I keep a file off prayer points that I pray after armoring up each morning.  I love the succinct bullet points.  They are perfect for a dedicated warrior.  Nearly all my prayers are gleaned from prophetic forums.  I thank you for the work you do and for enabling me to pray in the Spirit.

  2. Father God, I invite You to take Your Seat upon the Throne of my Life, my Family, my Community, my City, my Nation, and the Nations to Reign and to Rule. I emdrace the Power of the finished work of the Cross to be released in the Land from the lowest earthly regions to above the heavens, back to the garden and to the finished land, to bring into the ashes the thief Jesus already stripped by the Power of His Blood, His Body, and His Living Water, by the Power of the Holy Spirit. I decree and declare it IS Finished, the Truth has set us Free we are Truly free indeed. I want to thank You today Abba Father for releasing the Spirit of Wisdom And Revelation of the POWER of the COMPLETED Work of the Cross. Pour out that cleansing Power into the land affected, infected, and infested with the defilement of witchcraft Father, and take what the devil has meant for destruction, by Your Sovereign Power, and work it for good. Your Word says You’ve pulled it off perfectly, I agree Father, and I thank You.
    In the Name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

  3. Great insights from the Holy spirit. These two is what the enemies have been using against me & my family members. I will key in to prayers. God bless you Sir

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