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  1. pourquoi mon commentaire a été supprimé?

    [HKP Admin : Google Translate : “pourquoi mon commentaire a été supprimé?”]

    REPLY : HKP Admin : All comments are held for moderation.  Tous les commentaires sont soumis à la modération. 

  2. Merci Deborah pour tes messages de la part de Dieu. Et pour tous les commentaires précis que tu ajoute à la fin. Comment savoir si le Seigneur nous a donné un coeur pourpre (violet)?
    Que Dieu te bénisse avec toute ta famille.

    [HKP Admin : Google Translate : “Thank you Deborah for your messages from God. And for all the specific comments you add at the end. How do we know if the Lord has given us a purple (purple) heart?
    May God bless you with all your family. “]

  3. My dear loved sister ! Today you summarize it so overwhelmingly perfect. Thank you for all the extra explanations of special meanings of word roots, colours, and most of all, the always timely Holy Scriptures. More Blessings to Shonn & your family, and the colour purple indeed is such a great marker. You can’t imagine how loud and clear this speaks to me and what a huge confirmation it is, that purple heart, and since decades my favourite colour, together with white.

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