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Quality Control Begins with Surrender and Submission — 2 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! God bless you, sister Reinke! Amen! This is so the truth, that we must fully surrender ourselves, our self-will, desires, motives, intensions, our very lives over to God, in full submission to what He desires, wants and has destined for us.
    When I look at my life, situations, circumstances is so much better, easier to deal with when Jesus is the Forerunner, leading my paths in the past and at this current time.

    I understand that I must entrust my total dependency upon the Lord, fully, totally trusting Him to walk his Plans, Purpose, Calling with me. It is okay to be encouraged, inspired or even as the Holy Spirit leads to listen to sound advice, prophecy from God’s selected and chosen Anointed vessels, who He has brought into our life, but we must
    completely rely on Jesus, his Ways, his Commandments, through the Holy Spirit in order us to continue to be made whole in Him, Sanctified daily by his precious Blood, submerged in his holy fire by the Spirit of God.

    God bless you, beloved sister Reinke, a true woman of God!I pray that Lord has full, free reign in your life, setting you a blaze for his divine and eternal Glory! Have a blessed, prosperous and wonderful day in the Lord Jesus!

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