Quicksand — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you prophet Ken for posting this prophetic word & for praying for the Nation to come to repentance. I am an African who lives in Africa but prays for the Nation of America & all others as led. Just last week, the Lord showed me the stage where American presidential inauguration is done & I saw a Woman stepped forward all alone to WARN OF IMPENDING TERROR. Next, a black male entertainer stepped up to do a song on TERROR. I stood watching. Then, I heard some school children have been killed in a terrorist attack & the government is to BLAME as the government had been warned severally but refused to listen. The government on her part justified the attack as negligible stating only about a dozen of school children were killed. I pray for school children, people, & the government of America against TERROR which will come upon the Nation as a result of the government’s stiff neck to heed to GOD’S WARNINGS.  I agree with this message.

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