Quiet Yourself


Quiet yourself and your thoughts and listen to My voice that is speaking on the inside of you, says the LORD.  Turn aside from the illegitimate voices that vie for your attention.

I AM speaking.  I AM moving.  I HAVE HEARD your voice, and I desire for you to hear Mine.  I see what you are doing and every attempt that you are making to further yourself along.  want you to see what I Am doing!  I know what you are all about and I WANT YOU TO KNOW ME.

I will share My heart with those who desire to KNOW!  I will speak MY higher thoughts for those who will COME UP HIGHER!  As Moses of old ascended higher to hear what I had to say, and to know what I was doing, HE WAITED for Me to speak.  He waited for ME to share My heart and MY thoughts and MY plans.  He remained in My presence so that He could be see My glory and be carrier of MY glory, says the LORD.

Some will ascend to be in My presence.  Some will wait for a season.  But there are a few who will wait on ME, says the LORD.  Wait patiently on ME, for you cannot do what I have created you to do without My higher ways and thoughts.  You cannot make things happen with your own ability and strength.  Your plans must align with Mine, says the LORD, and I desire for you to be aligned with MY HEART.  I will share it with whoever will come and fellowship with Me.

Though many have desired a visitation from Me, I AM seeking a dwelling place.  I AM seeking for those who will dwell in My secret place, and not just visit ME.  I have prepared a place for you in My counsel room and the door is open for you to come and receive all that you need from Me at all times.  Patiently wait for ME to speak, to share and to MOVE, says the LORD, for I not only do all things well, but it is MY desire that you receive all that I have for you, says the LORD.


~ June Sheltrown Reinke

June Sheltrown ReinkeDr. June Sheltrown Reinke is a prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher.  She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988.  She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.



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  1. Thank you for this word. However, what is the difference between visitation into the presence of God and Dwelling in the presence of God? And what is the evidence one learn from both?