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Rebuilders and Houses of Glory — 6 Comments

  1. A weighty and multifaceted Word…to be pondered before the Lord…much resonates…Thank you for your thorough and dedicated searching out of His “way” and “His design” this Hour….

    Especially poignant for me,

    “There is a group of disciples who have been being prepared in the wilderness by The Holy Spirit. In The LORD’s proper time, they will come forth overflowing with the oil of The Holy Spirit.
    These vessels will have allowed the Master to empty them of self-life, so that they can be filled with the fresh oil of the Spirit.
    These chosen instruments will be filled and entrusted with the fresh oil, because they paid the high price of giving The LORD their time….
    These anointed ones will carry the oil, because they have been tested and approved in the secret place. They want the Bridegroom more than their own lives. Because they know the Bridegroom from intimate communion, the Bridegroom will entrust these messengers with oil that will never cease to flow.
    The sons of fresh oil make the King their foremost desire, so the king will release the river of oil in and through these vessels. These ministers of the Great King are the wise virgins. They used their time wisely and have oil to show for it….
    The anointed ones fully understand that only Christ can build His Church through them, and that they can not build His Church for Him….”
    Blessings! Courage…Flame!

  2. Dear Ty, Your powerful journey has set my feet dancing today. Your journey for truth has been designed by the Master Builder so well and what a joy filled my heart as I read your story. Surely the Fear of the Lord forged in His presence has set your soul aflame for Him alone. Keep burning! Joyfilled blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Yes it is true purity is very important to God, and waiting on Him and living for Him with all your heart. I have been waiting for my husband that He showed me in a vision in 1995 and I have never dated, and I have been waiting for Him to begin what He told me He will use me in since I was 11. He has a time for everything, and we are now entering a time which will defy description! To Him be all the glory! I pray that there will be a remnant to meet Him when He comes back- it’s my big heart’s desire. God bless.

  4. Bravo!! So be it is right. So well spoken. This is a mighty vision of the Lord, May the Lord continue to unfold his detailed plan to you as you gather the Rebuilders in this hour who will now draw back but those whose heart is set to restore the ruins and rebuild the true House of the Lord as His glory covers the whole earth. Many blessings and prayers for you as you shout it from the rooftops! Sandi Holman

  5. SO BE IT UNTO US,AS WAS SPOKEN…you have seen well and spoken accurately! May the Lord Jesus continue His “work” in and through you…

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