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  1. This scenario literally just happened to me this weekend! 
    I have been working on hearing the Lord’s voice and writing it down for a couple months now (thanks Call of the Bride) and I look forward to it after my morning prayer, but the other morning I was a little too eager for a word from the Lord about an Aunt and Uncle I have that I had gotten into a veracity of the Bible debate with earlier that week. 
    I was very troubled by the doubt they had about God’s word even though they are Christians (Catholics).  The word I wrote was similar to what i have been hearing and then there was a little part about meeting with my aunt and uncle that night which ended up not happening (a little leaven spoils the whole lump has been a recurring theme lately).  This cast a lot of doubt in my mind about what i am hearing and just opened me up for a terrible battle with the enemy that the Lord finally brought me through yesterday afternoon! 
    The Lord helped me refocus and I was happy this morning to get the correction I needed from Him and it lines up with your word about keeping my thoughts and will out of the equation and listening to Him!  Praise God!  He also gave me scripture this morning, Revelation 4:4-11 and Ephesians 3.  Ephesians 3:13 stuck out the most! 
    Thank you for this word and God bless you!

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