Reclaiming our Supernatural Heritage

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Can you identify your spiritual roots?  How did you begin?  What are some of the key foundation stones you have built your life upon?  Have you strayed from those spiritual beginnings?  Are you feeling the need to revisit them?

These are important questions to consider regularly — revisiting spiritual mile-markers that need to stay fresh for us.  Remembering our roots helps us not only recognize where we came from.  It helps us know where we are heading — and what we need to get there.

These thoughts have been especially vivid as we mark ten years since Derek Prince’s passing — along with other reminders of our historical connection with the Charismatic Renewal.  Without question, my roots are strongly embedded in both the supernatural and the prophetic.  I can never forget that.

In fact, I regularly rekindle that awareness.  If you are likewise feeling the impulse to stir up your prophetic roots — please read on.

A Wonderful Legacy

I spoke recently at a church fellowship in Ohio with a strong, ongoing involvement with Derek Prince Ministries, and a close connection with my late father-in-law, Don Basham, friend and colleague to Derek.  In my message, I highlighted the dynamic legacy we enjoy from both of these men who were so rooted in the supernatural.

Prophetic ministry was their legacy to us — shaping our lives and destinies.  Derek’s own ministry was powerfully impacted by words from the Lord.  His ministry was birthed in this prophetic word: “And it shall be like a little stream.  The little stream shall become a river; and the river shall become a great river; and the great river shall become a sea; and the sea shall become a mighty ocean.  And it shall be through thee….”  All of us connected with Derek Prince Ministries are walking out the fulfillment of that word from the Lord, fully believing and trusting it will come to pass.

Not only did Derek’s ministry begin prophetically — it continued in that vein.  Take for example God’s call upon Derek to teach the Bible.  It came as a direct word from Him: “I have called thee to be a teacher of the Scriptures in truth and faith and love, which are in Christ Jesus for many.” It was such a dynamic word of direction for Derek that he never doubted his calling from that day onward.  The roots of that prophetic call went very deep in Derek — and we all are the beneficiaries of the wonderful supernatural direction he received.

Great and Mighty Things

The reminders about our supernatural heritage have come to me in the context of one of my favorite Scriptures, Jeremiah 33:3: “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”  The first part of that verse is a wonder¬ful word in itself.  In fact, almost every Scripture where God commands us to call to Him carries the immediate promise that He will answer us.  What a marvelous truth to build upon!

The second part of the verse is even more astonishing.  The Lord promises to show us “great and mighty things” that we do not know.  In the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible (NKJV), the margin note on this word “mighty” is that it is better rendered “isolated” or “inaccessible.”  In other words, God promises to open up His supernatural realm of information not normally available to us.  (The Amplified Bible confirms this basic thought by translating this phrase: “great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden….”)

So, what difference does it make for us to receive this “inaccessible, supernatural, fenced in, hidden” information?  Is it given just to make us feel more spiritual?  Do we receive it just for the fun of it?  No, the Lord provides it for good reason — so we can utilize the information in our own lives and minister to others who desperately need to know what the Lord wants to say to them.

The Holy Spirit Speaks and Guides

Derek moved strongly in this supernatural realm we are talking about — and he knew the bolstering effect of a prophetic word.  We see this clearly in the following section of his teaching from “The Gift of Prophecy” that highlights the life of Timothy:

Prophecy and related gifts played a very important part in the ministry of Timothy.

In 1 Timothy 1:18, Paul is writing to Timothy, who is fulfilling a God-given ministry in the city of Ephesus.  Paul says: “This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare.”

Apparently in the past — possibly in his home assembly which was at Lystra, I think — prophecies had been given forth in relation to Timothy, saying he was to fulfill a certain ministry, warning him that he would meet opposition and difficulty, and telling him that he would have to go ahead.  When he entered into the ministry and encountered these difficulties, he was strengthened by the remembrance of the prophecies that had gone before him.

This is one of the workings of prophecy. We get a revelation of the will of God; we step into the will of God; the going gets very hard; the opposition becomes tough.  We think, Maybe I’m in the wrong place or Maybe I won’t get through.  Then we remember: No, I have that word of prophecy.  It told me I was going to go this way and it told me what I would meet.

The Prodigal Son Is Waiting

I’m reading a wonderful book called The God I Never Knew (How Real Friendship with the Holy Spirit Can Change Your Life). The author, Robert Morris, senior pastor of Gateway Church in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, provides powerful examples of the impact of supernatural information from the Lord and His Word.  Early in the book, the author tells of a man responding to an altar call after his Sunday message.  As he headed to the altar, there was no outward indication of any need in the man’s life.  Actually, he had a desperate need.

“Nevertheless, as I looked at him, I heard the familiar voice of the Holy Spirit telling me something. I knew from experience that the Spirit reveals such things only because He wants to heal, restore, encourage and bless.  So I stepped toward the man and said, ‘Sir, as you were coming forward, the Lord told me something He wants you to know.  He told me that you feel like the prodigal son because you have been away from Him for a very long time.  He just wanted me to give you a message from Him — “Welcome home, son.”’”

Falling into the pastor’s arms, the man began to weep.  There was no way that minister could have known what had taken place earlier with this man, who had come to know Jesus as a little boy and had been on the run from Him ever since.  Driving with his wife to church that morning — the first service he had attended in nearly twenty years — this man had pulled the car over and told his wife that he felt like the prodigal son.  Even more, he expressed his fear of being so estranged from God that the Lord would not be able to receive him back.  Then came the powerful prophetic message: “Welcome home, son.”  Words like that from the Lord can change people forever!

Do You Have/Need a Word?

Supernatural ministry like this is deep in our roots.  Isn’t it time for us to reclaim that prophetic heritage and begin to operate in it more fully?  Are you ready to take some steps in that direction?

Maybe you yourself, like the man in this story, stand in desperate need of a word from the Lord.  May God bring it to you soon, or grant someone the courage to bring it to you!

On the other side of the ledger, maybe you are the one carrying a word of restoration for someone.  Either way, let’s tell the Lord we are wide open to those “great and mighty things” — hidden, inaccessible, supernatural — that are so pivotal to going forward in Him.  Are you ready to ask Him together?

Dear Lord, You have told us to call to You, and I’m calling now.  I want to walk in the supernatural, prophetic realm You are making available to me. I open myself up to it now, Lord.

I present myself to You to be used in this type of ministry to others.  Lord, as You provide supernatural information that can change lives, please lead me to the people who need it.  Give me the words to say, and the right spirit as I share what You give me.

Lord, with this prayer I am stirring up the prophetic gifts within me.  Please use me to bring Your words of life-giving encouragement to those around me.  And I’ll be careful to give You all the credit for what happens as a result.  Amen!

Stepping Out in Faith

You have just stepped by faith into a wonderful realm of life and ministry.  Maybe you have been here before, and now you are back!  Either way, life is about to get very exciting for you and everyone around you in the glorious days ahead.

Will some mistakes happen as you step out in faith?  Of course they will!  It’s all part of the learning/re-learning and developing process.  Did Peter sink after taking some steps walking on the water?  He certainly did.  But for the rest of his life, Peter had the unique joy of knowing he had walked on the surface of the Sea of Galilee as the Master encouraged him onward.  The Lord is beckoning to us right now in the very same way.  And with the prayer you have just uttered, you have answered His call to reclaim your supernatural heritage and walk in obedience to Him.

Be expectant of some supernatural downloads of information He will provide.  Be courageous in sharing what the Lord gives you with those to whom He directs you.  Most of all, be prepared to see changed lives as you launch out in faith.

Proud to Call You Our Friend!

We are so proud of you for expressing your willingness to move forward in Him.  And we are so glad to stand with you as you step out in faith.  It is our sincere desire to assist you in this process.  One of the best ways we can do so is to provide encouraging material for you from the expansive archives of Derek Prince material.  In that vein, please accept our offer for the free audio download of “The Gift of Prophecy” — solid, basic teaching on this topic.

After all, Derek was a tremendously effective mentor to us in this regard, so this teaching will help you greatly — just as you have helped us.  Because of your prayers, your gifts and your commitment to extend Derek Prince’s teaching legacy, we are in a strong position to share his resources with people all across the world, starting with you.  How grateful we are for your vital part in this work and for your generosity in standing with us!

Thanks so much for your love and participation.  Thank you most of all for the step you have just taken — in reclaiming your supernatural heritage!

All the best,
Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

P.S.  We deeply appreciate you and your partnership with us through your prayers and your financial support.  Please allow us to encourage you further with the free downloadable message by Derek:  “The Gift of Prophecy.”  Blessings!


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