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  1. I asked the Lord for a gift, because 88 is our anniversary. I have been going through a lot of problems and needed some assurance who’s love goes beyond my imagination. Thank you for the word.

  2. WOW!!! So on the first of August I was sitting on my balcony when a flock of geese flew overhead, there were eight, and directly behind them was another flock……there were eight!!! I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking and I’ve been seeking as to what and today He sent me this!!
    He showed me years ago that the number eight is Jesus, it is the Son. It is the beginning of the New Life!!
    I love MF’s testimony of the Birthday song. Everyone of us are such a unique and beautiful story He’s written.
    Great is Your Faithfulness Abba Father!! Thank You!!
    Thank you Deborah, I needed this this morning, the hard nights and persecution haven’t yet been done away with…..but they will be. :)

  3. Yes, I needed this word on the 8.8.2023 too, dear Deborah!

    Yesterday was the 18 th day of a very resistant and strong, seemingly unending day of a Diarrohoea like I never never experienced bedore! I felt as if all strength had been sucked out of me, because of that and constant lack of sleep, nothing helped…..!
    On this date, mentioned above, A light came on the horizon to take another approach and I heard the Lord say two days before that it was „my fast.“ I had been thinking about 21 days of his normal fasting.
    I have been praying for personal and national Breakthrough since more than 40 years now. The delays , the fierce tests in every area of life, especially physically and emotionally have left a toll! So this is a great encouragement today from the Lord…..Be blessed!

  4. Dear Deborah The Lord is so awesome!!! Today is August 8th and as I woke up this morning I heard in my spirit the happy birthdate song in Spanish!!! I thought why am I hearing this song, my natural birthdate is December 22nd. I remember reciving the gift of salvation in the summer, but did not remember the day.  I have asked the Lord to reveal to me the day I asked Him in my heart and became a new creation and He did this morning.  There is no coincidence I am reading this awesome love letter from the Lord. August 8th the Hebrew day of new beginnings!!! I receive this word with all of my heart and I hope that many, many will also be blessed by this owesome encouraging, very timely Word. God bless you much my beautiful sister!!!

  5. YES!!!  Thank You Lord for A REDO- as You are giving us a Supernatural NEW BEGINNING of a NEW BIRTH filled with Your PROMISES that are YES & AMEN- that are now being Released SUDDENLY IN The Lives of Your People! I am Overjoyed & So THANKFUL for Your FIthfulnesz Abba Father! I LOVE YOU JESUS❣️ Thanks Deborah- you’re such a GREAT BLESSING to the Body of Christ!♥️

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