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  1. Rekindle the Fire of God, is spending time in the Word & waiting on Him.

    Jeremiah 23:29 Does not my Word burn like fire? asks the Lord. Is it not like the mighty hammer that smashed the rock in pieces?

    In sharing this, it’s speaking to me to go deep, much deeper with Him..
    I desire to be His Hammer that smashs every lie, releasing captives from the most mighty & most terrible.
    Isaiah 49;24-25
    Who can snatch the prey from a mighty man?
    Who can demand that a tyrant let his captives go?
    But the Lord says, “even the captives of the most mighty & most terrible shall be freed, for I fight those who fight you & I will save your children.”

    When we stand on His Side, “WHO” can be against us?
    Bible memory goal.com has helped to cause His flame to blaze me through some disappointing & differcult times & I invite a to take look at this page.

  2. Will it burn up all of the old?  The scripture says that we are to build well, so that what we have built will not be burnt up (1 Cor 3:12).
    It is for God to judge our works, not anyone else. All Christians and churches will be judged – whether ‘traditional’ or ‘charismatic’, ‘spirit-led’. We will be judged by the One who judges the heart and not by outward appearances or faddy fashions. He is the one who is Faithful and True.

  3. 1 Kings 18:38
    Then the fire of the lord fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust and licked up the water in the trench.
    Before revival comes reformation the fire of God will fall and burn up all of the old so the new will stand and never fall.
    Judgement is coming and it will consume most all of the ways of the church systems of the world especially in the USA and the truth will reign and many will be glad more will be sad and say the old was not so bad. This will be a time of decision for many trying to hold on to the old as it burns their hands. Let go of all that see the one true God as less then almighty God. Really dwell on that thought. Never made a mistake all was planed from the start and much different then almost all believe.

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