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Religion, Humility, and False Humility — Part 2 — 3 Comments

  1. Sherry, this is so right on and beautifully written.
    So much you brought out first in Part 1 and then into the 2nd part.
    The anointing is certainly flowing on this whole word.
    I can identify with much of your experiences, also.
    Wow, I’ve also heard Job shouldn’t have been written! How very bold and arrogant that they would dare proclaim that.

    One point I emphasis is how clearly in part 1 you exposed false humility.
    Negative attention for sure. We must guard on either spectrum, “I’m All That” or “I’m not Nothing!”
    Also a strong point (one of many) “There is no perfect Church.”
    Gleaning today from all you have written and exposed. I love you much sister. We will meet one day Thank you. Many Blessings ❤️

  2. Thank you prophet. I greatly appreciate you and celebrate the grace of God upon your life. Your posts have greatly been a blessing to me. More grace. I’m learning and growing.

  3. Wow! Great teaching. Thank you woman God for pouring in. I thought about why would anyone put on “false humility”? False simply means Fake. If I may add a thought, related to the giftings, particular prophetic giftings. Balaam’s prophetic insight, was diminished, by his prospect of reward. Num. 22:22-35. Balaam a “prophet” should have seen the Angel of the Lord, instead his donkey does. We might consider, it’s not just the element of accuracy that determines if one is God’s prophet, moreover it is the overall character. Often, this takes time to determine.

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