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Repentance & Restoration Prayer — 1 Comment

  1. Brother Jacob thank you fir this prayer!  It has helped me tremendously.  I never thought I would be praying this kind of prayer to be honest, but when faced with the inevitable I knew something had to be done.
    The relationships with individuals and churches, even though were indirect (thinking I’m helping someone,) the Lord recently showed me what would have have happened if I didn’t take action.
    Even with the land issue I thought ancestral things were not my issue,but I had to renew my mind and repent.
    God bless you my dear brother for your persistence in helping me with accurate interpretations of dreams! This was Kingdom assisted.
    Father, thank you for your chastening, revelation, and restoration and redeemimg me because of your great love for me,
    and now the wisdom in all these things.
    May God richly bless you always
    as you continue to help others in these highest spiritual warfare.

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