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  1. Thank you for this. SO MUCH
    YHVH moved me into this place, my landlord is best friends with the “air to the thrown” and godparent to the second in line, and so I have been flung in the lions den you could say. The wife is def a jezebel/high priestess but Jesus has His sweet favour upon the husband (He wants him back in the fold)
    I know I am a warrior eagle however, the attacks are relentless, from her and other dark stuff.
    As I moved in, so did a golden eagle into the estate. I called him Elijah. I would have visions of this eagle in some trees and then the estate manager said hes seen the eagle flying from the trees I seen in vision past my home and to the river. He flies low.
    I find it amazing and yet there are some other dynamics I cannot deal with and could quite happily not be here on this earth plane.

  2. Amazing ! Just in this morning hour GOD was sending a bright sun spectacle, I went to the balcony and watched it unfolding. And again, I saw the face of the Lion and the face of the Lamb. Above it, eagle like formation, sun pulsing. A golden rain drop fell from the roof or from the clouds. Thought exactly about that Holy Scripture, the faces that Ezekiel saw and John, and truly, years ago I saw them all 4 together in the sky. Your article this morning confirms it so strong: HE IS WITH US day and night, closer than anything or anyone. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD !

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